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Japanese City Sightseeing Guides

Hokkaido | Tohoku | Kanto | Chubu | Kansai | Shikoku | Chugoku | Kyushu & Okinawa

Our city guides to Japan and Japanese regions include detailed information on each city or place's history, attractions and accommodation.

Find information on places to visit in Japan: Japanese gardens, areas of natural beauty, castles, museums, parks and gardens, temples and shrines plus travel specifics, tourist information centers, shopping and dining out listings.

Our Japan guides cover the whole of the Japanese archipelago from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands in the south.

Our guides to Japan are grouped according to region including Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Kansai, Chubu, Shikoku, Chugoku and Kyushu as well as Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands.

Each Japanese city guide has detailed information on attractions and places to visit as well as the essential getting there and getting away by air, rail, bus and ferry. Print out our Japan city guides as a must-have companion to getting the best out of any visit to Japan.

Hokkaido - the most northerly of the big four islands of Japan

Sapporo City Guide - things to see, hotels, entertainment Niseko. Abashiri. Shiretoko.
Sapporo Niseko Abashiri Shiretoko
Hakodate. Otaru. Cape Soya. Rebun.
Hakodate Otaru Cape Soya Rebun
Rishiri. Wakkanai.    
Rishiri Wakkanai    

Tohoku - Northern Japan

Sendai. Kakunodate Hiraizumi. Matsushima.
Sendai Kakunodate Hiraizumi Matsushima
Aomori. Hirosaki. Morioka. Akita.
Aomori Hirosaki Morioka Akita

Kanto - north central Japan around Tokyo

Tokyo. Guide to Hakone Kashima. Kamakura.
Tokyo Hakone Kashima Kamakura
Nikko. Saitama. Tsukuba. Yokohama.
Nikko Saitama Tsukuba Yokohama
Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture. Kofu Mito. Shosenkyo.
Kawagoe Kofu Mito Shosenkyo
Oshima Island. Izu Peninsula. Takasaki Gunma. Kusatsu Onsen Gunma.
Izu-Oshima Izu Peninsula Takasaki Kusatsu Onsen

Chubu - central Japan

Nagoya City Guide Atami. Gero. Gifu.
Nagoya Atami Gero Onsen Gifu
Gujo Hachiman. Hida Furukawa. Inuyama. Kamikochi.
Gujo Hachiman Hida Furukawa Inuyama Kamikochi
Kanazawa. Magome and Tsumago. Mount Fuji. Niigata.
Kanazawa Magome & Tsumago Mount Fuji Niigata
Sado Island. Shizuoka. Takayama. Toyama.
Sado Island Shizuoka Takayama Toyama
Toyohashi. Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture. Nagano. Matsushiro.
Toyohashi Matsumoto Nagano Matsushiro
Obuse. Hakuba. Tokoname. Shimoda.
Obuse Hakuba Tokoname Shimoda
Karuizawa. Okazaki. Ena. Kiso Fukushima.
Karuizawa Okazaki Ena Kiso-Fukushima
Nakatsugawa. Hamamatsu. Narai. Toi.
Nakatsugawa Hamamatsu Narai Toi
Toyota. Kanzanji Onsen. Hamanako. Fukui.
Toyota Kanzanji Onsen Hamanako Fukui

Kansai - west central Japan

Kyoto City Guide Osaka City Guide Arima. Himeji Castle, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture.
Kyoto Osaka Arima Himeji
Iga Ueno. Ise Toba. Kobe. Koyasan.
Iga Ueno Ise Toba Kobe Mount Koya
Mount Omine. Nara. Omihachiman. Matsusaka.
Mount Omine Nara Omi Hachiman Matsusaka
Akame Shijuhataki. Fukuchiyama. Nagahama. Awaji island.
Akame Shijuhataki Fukuchiyama Nagahama Awaji Island

Shikoku - the smallest of Japan's four main islands

Naoshima Oboke Gorge. Shodoshima. Tokushima.
Naoshima Oboke Gorge Shodoshima Tokushima
Matsuyama Takamatsu. Kochi.
Matsuyama Takamatsu Kochi

Chugoku - south western Japan

Hiroshima City Guide - things to see, hotels, entertainment Hamada. Iwakuni. Kurashiki.
Hiroshima Hamada Iwakuni Kurashiki
Masuda Okayama. Tsuwano. Izumo.
Masuda Okayama Tsuwano Izumo
Matsue. Hagi Guide. Shimonoseki. Ikuchijima.
Matsue Hagi Shimonoseki Ikuchijima

Kyushu & Okinawa - the farthest south western islands of the Japanese archipelago

Fukuoka. Beppu Oita. Dazaifu. Kirishima.
Fukuoka Beppu & Oita Dazaifu Kirishima
Kumamoto. City guide to Nagasaki City guide to Okinawa Sakurajima.
Kumamoto Nagasaki Okinawa Sakurajima
Aso. Himeshima. Yanagawa. Yunohira.
Aso Caldera Himeshima Yanagawa Yunohira
Kannawa. Yufuin. Takachiho. Taketomi Island.
Kannawa Yufuin Takachiho Taketomijima
Hirado. Huis Ten Bosch. Shimabara and Unzen. Miyakojima.
Hirado Huis Ten Bosch Shimabara & Unzen Miyakojima
Kunisaki. Naha. Kagoshima. Kitakyushu.
Kunisaki Naha Kagoshima Kitakyushu
Kokura. Miyazaki. Ishigaki guide. Iriomote guide.
Kokura Miyazaki Ishigaki Iriomote
Yaeyama guide. Space World guide. Mojiko guide. Sefa Utaki.
Yaeyama Islands Space World Mojiko Sefa Utaki
Nakatsu. Yabakei Gorge. Bungo Takeda. Okinawa World.
Nakatsu Yabakei Gorge Bungo Taketa Okinawa World

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