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ASPAM Aomori

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ASPAM アスパム

Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center (ASPAM), Aomori.

The A-shaped Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center (ASPAM) on Aomori waterfront is a landmark of this northern city and was completed in 1986.

ASPAM is a 76 meter tall building symbolizing the first letter of Aomori and is a multi-use structure introducing Aomori's local food and handicraft products and the prefecture's tourist attractions.

ASPAM contains souvenir and craft shops selling Aomori's signature products of apples, sake, rice crackers (senbei), embroidery, kokeshi dolls, woodwork and lacquerware goods.

Aspam also has a restaurant floor with local ramen, curry and donburi on the menu, an observatory on the 13th floor with fantastic views out over Mutsu Bay, a panorama film room showing video of Aomori's famous Nebuta Festival, a Municipal Hall with photographic panels introducing the nature of Aomori Prefecture and two performance spaces, where you may hear local musicians performing Tsugaru jamisen (shamisen) and other folk music.

View of Aomori.Aomori city from ASPAM.

View of Mutsu Bay and Aomori's cityscape from the observation deck of ASPAM near Aomori Station

ASPAM, Aomori.ASPAM apples, Aomori.

The ASPAM Building contains a Tourist Information Office and showcases Aomori's local produce.

Access - Getting to ASPAM

1-1-40 Yasukata
Tel: 017 735 5311

ASPAM is a short walk from Aomori Station on the waterfront near to Wa Rasse, A-Factory and Aomori Bay Bridge. ASPAM is also a stop on Aomori city's Nebutan-go loop shuttle bus.

ASPAM, Aomori.Tsugaru jamisen.

ASPAM often stages performances by local artists.

Nebuta Festival float at ASPAM.Kokeshi dolls, ASPAM, Aomori.

ASPAM showcases Aomori's local cultural events such as the Nebuta Festival and local products such as these wooden kokeshi dolls.

Maps of Aomori

Map of Aomori
Map of ASPAM

Tsugaru jamisen, ASPAM, Aomori

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