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Tokyo Map

Japan flag. Japan City Maps: Tokyo

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Maps of Japan's Cities: Tokyo 東京

Tokyo Map, Map of Tokyo.

Use this scrollable city street map of Tokyo to find: airports, castles, embassies, main roads, museums, parks, schools, temples and shrines, hospitals, railway, bus and subway stations.

Locate ski resorts and hot springs, hotels, guesthouses and ryokan throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Navigate to department stores, electronics retail outlets, shops, bars, cafes and restaurants using this easy-to-use map of Tokyo.

Tokyo Map: Places Listed

Where possible each Tokyo map entry will include the address and telephone number, a photograph, a link to further information and sometimes video footage.

Tokyo attractions and facilities listed on this map of Tokyo include Tokyo Station, Ueno Station, Shinagawa Station, Nippori Station, Hanada Airport, Narita Airport, Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Sky Tree, the Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, Yasukuni Shrine, Bridgestone Museum of Art, Odaiba, Ginza, Roppongi Hills, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Gokokuji Temple, Zoshigaya Cemetery, Tokyo Disneyland, Ueno Zoo, Oazo Building, Marunouchi Building, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo University, Tokyo International Forum, Kanda, Naka-dori, Ochanomizu, Waseda, Asakusa and many other Tokyo places of interest.

Shibuya Center-Gai Street, Tokyo.

Shibuya Center-Gai Street, Tokyo

Tokyo Map

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