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Museums in Kyoto

Japan flag. Kyoto Museums

Kyoto has some of Japan's best and most varied museums. Art, history, science, manga, and traditional crafts are all featured. Some of Kyoto's museums focus on the city's long history, whereas others are new and contemporary.

Kyoto Museums 京都の博物館

Gekkeikan Sake Brewery is located not far from Fushimi Inari Shrine. The complex of buildings is fascinating and sake tasting is available.

Gekkeikan Sake Brewery.

Hosomi Museum is the collection of the Hosomi family, for which it is named, and features a wide range of Japanese pieces of almost every genre.

The Hosomi Museum.

Insho Domoto Museum of Fine Arts is a quirky facility across the road from Ritsumeikan University not far from the Golden Pavilion.

Domoto Museum of Fine Arts, Kyoto.

Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum is the former home and studio of the famous master potter and craftsman. The preserved, traditional house and garden contains the potter's kiln and many works from his illustrious career.

Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum, Kyoto.

Kyoto Eiga Mura is a theme park located on the grounds of a still working film studio. You can wander among the ghosts of Kurosawa and Mizoguchi as you watch sword-fighting performances.

Kyoto Eiga Mura, Kyoto.

Kyoto International Manga Museum is the only museum in Japan devoted entirely to manga.

Kyoto International Manga Museum.

Kyoto Municipal Museum is a massive old structure that has a fine collection of Japanese works. It also gets a block buster show once a year.

Kyoto Municipal Museum.

Kyoto Museum for World Peace is one of several peace museums in Japan. It takes a refreshingly harsh look at Japan's wartime behavior.

Kyoto Museum for World Peace.

Kyoto National Museum is located across from Sanjusangendo. It house artifacts from Kyoto's temples and shrines and now houses over 2,000 Japanese artifacts from prehistoric times up to the modern era.

Kyoto National Museum.

National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto is in Okazaki, Kyoto's museum area. Fumihiko Maki's structure alone is worth a visit.

National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.

Sumiya Motenashi Museum is the last remaining "ageya" in Japan. It was a high-end restaurant and brothel in one of Kyoto's red-light districts.

Sumiya Motenashi Museum, Kyoto.

The Museum of Kyoto is a brick Meiji Era building in the center of Kyoto on Sanjo Dori. It has a good collection of objects related to Kyoto.

The Museum of Kyoto.

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