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Japan Train Stations

Japan flag. Japan Stations

Tokyo Area Railway Stations | Chubu Area Railway Stations | Kansai Area Railway Stations | Kyushu Area Stations | Alphabetical List of Japan Stations

Railway Stations In Japan 駅

Japan's railway stations are much more than places to jump on a train, shinkansen or subway. Japan's train stations are fully-integrated service and commercial centers offering various options for shopping, dining and entertainment. Most large stations also double as Highway Bus terminals for connections to other cities and the nearest airport.

Japan's stations and their environs will be the best place to catch a taxi, find the Tourist Information center, buy an English language newspaper, use the internet, as most have WiFi or an internet cafe nearby, buy local products and souvenirs in the station shops and locate budget accommodation business hotels.

Some large station complexes are like mini-cities in themselves: Kyoto Station, Nagoya Station (the world's largest station building) and Shinjuku Station in Tokyo have luxury hotels such as the Hotel Granvia at Kyoto Station and the Associa Nagoya Terminal Hotel at Nagoya Station, department stores, cinemas, book shops, underground shopping malls and floors of restaurants, cafes, bars and retail outlets.

Even in smaller cities such as Wakayama and Tokushima, the station is built into a larger commercial and office building.

Car rental places always congregate near to main stations as well as central post offices (handy to use foreign-issued credit cards to withdraw cash) and if you need to send things back home in a hurry from the post office window which is often just about 24/7.

Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station

So visitors may find themselves coming back to the station time and again during their stay in a Japanese town and not just to catch a train!

Read in-depth guides to some of Japan's major stations.

Tokyo Area Stations

Tokyo Station. Ueno Station. Ikebukuro Station. Shibuya Station.
Tokyo Station Ueno Station Ikebukuro Station Shibuya Station
Shinjuku Station. Akihabara Station. Shinagawa Station. Nippori Station.
Shinjuku Station Akihabara Station Shinagawa Station Nippori Station
Shimbashi Station. Ochanomizu Station. Nishi Nippori Station. Asakusa Station.
Shimbashi Station Ochanomizu Station Nishi Nippori Station Asakusa Station

Chubu Area Stations

Nagoya Station. JR Gifu Station. Meitetsu Gifu Station. Kanayama Station.
Nagoya Station Gifu JR Station Gifu Meitetsu Station Kanayama Station
Jingu-mae Station. Tsurumai Station. Ozone Station. Kanazawa Station.
Jingu-mae Station Tsurumai Station Ozone Station Kanazawa Station
Kintetsu Nagoya Station. Meitetsu Nagoya Station.    
Kintetsu Nagoya Meitetsu Nagoya    

Kansai Area Stations

Kyoto Station. Nijo Station. Namba Station. Sanjo Keihan Station, Kyoto.
Kyoto Station Nijo Station Namba Station Sanjo Station
Hankyu Shijo Kawaramachi Station, Kyoto. Umeda Station. Demachiyanagi. Shin Osaka Station.
Shijo Station Umeda Station Demachiyanagi Shin-Osaka
Osaka Station City. Tennoji Station Osaka. Kyobashi Station Osaka.  
Osaka Station City Tennoji Station Kyobashi Station  

Kyushu Area Stations

Hakata Station. Nagasaki Station. Oita Station. Kagoshima Station.
Hakata Station Nagasaki Station Oita Station Kagoshima Chuo

Stations in Japan Listed Alphabetically

Akabira Station (Hokkaido)

Akita Station

Asakusabashi Station (Tokyo)

Ebisu Station (Tokyo)

Former JR Izumo Taisha Station

Fukuchiyama Station (Kyoto)

Hagi Station (Yamaguchi)

Hamatsucho Station (Tokyo)

Hiroshima Station

Izumo Station (Shimane)

Kenkyugakuen Station (Ibaraki)

Kiso-Fukushima Station (Nagano)

Kumamoto Station

Matsue Station (Shimane)

Mojiko Station (Fukuoka)

Ryogoku Station (Tokyo)

Sapporo Station

Tenryukyo Station (Nagano)

Tsukuba Station (Ibaraki)

Zengo Station (Aichi)

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