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Sekizan Zen-in Temple

Japan flag. Temples & Shrines: Sekizanzenin

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Sekizanzenin Temple 赤山禅院

Sekizanzenin Temple, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Located in northeast Kyoto.
  • Beautiful cherry tree viewing area.
  • Also known for its autumn leaves.
  • Founded in 888.
  • Close to Shugakuin Rikyu.

On the road leading to Shugakuin Rikyu Imperial Villa take the left hand turning about 200m from the entrance and follow the signs to one of Kyoto's hidden gems - Sekizanzenin.

The entrance to this 9th century Buddhist temple, of the Tendai sect, is marked by a concrete torii on the right. Sekizanzenin Temple has a marked walking trail in its hill-top garden which takes in a relaxing carp pond and some beautiful small shrine among the trees. Sekizanzenin Temple is well known for its stunning autumn leaves and occasional flea-markets.

Situated as it is in the north west of Kyoto from where evil spirits are said to emanate, Sekizanzenin Temple provides protection for the residents of Kyoto. The principal statue in the temple is that of Sekizan Myojin, a deity of longevity and wealth. There is a small Edo Period fire truck in the grounds and fresh water runs down the hillside into the temple pond.

Free Admission

Entrance to Sekizanzen-in Temple in winter snow.

Entrance to Sekizanzen-in Temple in winter snow

Sekizanzenin Temple, Kyoto, Japan.Sekizanzenin Temple, Shugakuin, Kyoto, Japan.

Sekizanzenin Temple entrance gate & the stone steps up to the main part of the temple

Sekizanzenin Access

Shugakuin station (Eiden Line) or bus #5 from Kyoto station.
Tel: 075 701 5181
18 Sekinebo-machi, Shugakuin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.

Other Kyoto Attractions Near Sekizanzenin

Sekizanzenin is close to Shugakuin Rikyu and a number of temples in the northern part of Higashiyama including Manshuin, Shisendo, Konpukuji and Enkoji Temple. One hiking trail up Mt. Hiei to Enryakuji also starts from Sekizanzenin. Turn left along the path at the torii gate entrance to the temple and then turn right when you come to a stream and follow the path up.

Sekizan Zen-in Map

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Fukurokuju, Sekizanzenin Temple.

Fukurokuju is one of the seven lucky gods called Shichifukujin

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