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All you need to know for travel in Japan

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Accommodation & Hotels in Japan

Search for and book all types of accommodation in Japan: hotels, ryokan, guesthouses plus a listing of the many types of accommodation available for the Japan traveler - guest houses, ryokan, minshuku, capsule hotels, love hotels etc.

For an extensive list of individual hotels in Japan: Tokyo hotels, Osaka hotels, Kyoto hotels and hotels in other cities click here to book online.

Kyoto Accommodation Guide - where to stay in Kyoto - Japan's ancient capital, we list the best accommodation in Kyoto.

Japan travel by Shinkansen bullet train

Travel Japan by Shinkansen bullet train with a Japan Rail Pass

Airport Access

How to get into the city after an economy-class syndrome inducing flight to Japan. Narita, Haneda, Chubu, and Kansai are all here.

Air Travel to Japan - Air Tickets, Flights, International Routes

Find out how long your flight will take to Japan. Find out about special air ticketing offers and deals.

Listings of major international airports from in every part of the world, with airport codes, and approximate flight times to Narita International Airport NRT (Tokyo) Japan.

Banks, Banking & Money in Japan

All you need to know about banks in Japan. ATMs, bureaux de change, credit cards, opening hours, post office withdrawals, tax, transfers.

Book Air Tickets and Flights To Japan

Search for the best deals on flights to Japan. Check out flight times and routes into Japan from the US, Europe Oceania and Asia. Find discount domestic tickets and deals.

Shinjuku by night, Tokyo Travel

Most travelers to Japan spend some time in the capital Tokyo

Books on Japan

Travel guides to Japan plus books on Japanese fiction, Japanese history, Japanese politics & society, Japanese food, learning Japanese, sex and erotica and Japanese manga. Reviews of other books on Japan including sports and religion and books on Japanese nature - flora and fauna. Purchase books from Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Japan.

If you are interested in short stories with a Japan theme visit our Japan fiction section.

Tokyo City Guide - things to see, hotels, entertainment
Nagoya City Guide - things to see, hotels, entertainment
Kyoto City Guide - things to see, hotels, entertainment
Sapporo City Guide - things to see, hotels, entertainment
Osaka City Guide - things to see, hotels, entertainment
City guide to Nagasaki
City guide to Okinawa
Guide to Hakone
Himeji Castle, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture.
Hiroshima City Guide - things to see, hotels, entertainment

City Guides to Japan's Major Cities

Things to see and do and getting around in Japan's major cities: and other more off-the-beaten track destinations
























Mount Fuji

Gero Onsen





Hida Furukawa



Gujo Hachiman



Himeji & Himeji Castle

Ise Shima - Ise and Toba






Skiing in Japan

Ski Resorts near Tokyo

Mount Omine

Miho Museum Shiga

Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple


Magome & Tsumago







Oze National Parks Area


UNESCO World Heritage Sites - a listing of UNESCO buildings and natural reserves

Costs in Japan

Japan need not be an expensive country for the traveler. Check out our tips for saving money in Japan during your stay. Travel hints for saving money in Tokyo. Antique shopping in Kyoto: Toji Temple Market

The Economy in Japan

Following rapid economic growth and development in the 1960s, Japan's economy entered a 'bubble stage' in the 1980s followed by a 'lost decade' of economic stagnation and deflation in the 1990s. Only now in the 21st century is the Japanese economy showing signs of revival.

Electricity in Japan

The voltage in Japan is different from that of many other countries. Will electrical appliances bought overseas work in Japan? If so, are they safe to use? The plugs and sockets used in Japan are almost the same as in North America. Read more about electricity in Japan.

Entertainment Guide to Japan

A listing of bars, cafes, clubs and restaurants throughout Japan for eating, drinking and having a good time: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe, Niigata, Sendai, Sapporo.

Cinema & Movie Theater listing for Japan's major cities.

Gay Japan

Sapporo Snow Festival

Summer Music Festivals - Fuji Rock, Summer Sonic, Earth Celebration

Skiing & Snowboarding in Japan - Japan's best mountain resorts.

Yoiyama Festival - the night before Gion Matsuri, Kyoto.

Embassies & Consulates in Japan

A comprehensive listing of foreign embassies in Tokyo and Osaka.

Japanese Embassies & Consulates Overseas

A comprehensive listing of Japanese embassies in other countries.

Immigration Offices in Japan

A listing of Japan's immigration offices nationwide. Renew your visa and other travel and residency documents.

International Centers in Japan

A listing of Japan's international exchange centers nationwide. Find useful resident and tourist information, accommodation, citizen's advice and make use of library, media and internet facilities.

International Dialing Codes From Japan

A comprehensive directory of international dialing codes when phoning overseas from Japan.

Internet Cafes in Japan

A guide to getting online in Japan and a listing of internet cafes in the major cities. Add your recommendations here.

Japan Facts & Figures

Frequently updated statistics on Japan's economic data, population, trade and tourism.

Maps of Japan

Useful maps of the Japanese archipelago and major cities.

Mobile Phones

Phones from other countries do not work in Japan. Rent a mobile phone in Japan: Ideal for business and tourist use.

Japan leads the world in mobile phone innovation. Read an article on mobile phone (keitai) use in Japan.

Regions and Prefectures

Japan is usually divided into eight generally recognised geographical regions. They are from north to south Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu & Okinawa.
For administrative purposes Japan is divided into 47 prefectures.

Search Service

Searching for some important Japan-related information? Use our Japan Search Service. For only US$45 our team of Japan experts find what you need.

Shinkansen & Japan's Railways

Shinkansen Bullet Train. The history and development of one of the world's best trains.

Japanese Railways. Japan railway companies, night trains and train types.

Japan Rail Pass. Information on JR Rail Passes.

Telephone Numbers in Japan

Important telephone numbers in Japan : emergency services (police, fire brigade, ambulance), area dialing codes, tourist information and helplines.

Travel between Japan/Korea

Travel information from Japan to its nearest neighbor South Korea by air and sea: flight & ferry timetables and reservation details.

Travel within Japan

Travel information for getting around in Japan by air, rail (including the JR Yamanote Line in Tokyo), long-distance bus, ferry, taxi, car, city subway, hitchhiking and buses.

Useful Links for Japan

Some quick Japan links of interest to the Japan traveler.

Weather in Japan

City weather forecasts for Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo and Nagoya plus rainfall and temperature charts.

What's On in Tokyo & Kyoto

A monthly round up of events in Tokyo and Kyoto - exhibitions, music, film, sports and shopping.

Visa Information For Japan

Detailed visa and re-entry information for visitors to Japan.

Japanese flag icon. Japan Travel Basics Index

Accommodation in Japan: book hotels, guest houses, ryokan.
Airport Access: how to get into town from the airport.
Banks in Japan: information on banks, banking & currency exchange.
Books on Japan: guide books, fiction, books on Japanese society.
Cinema & Movie Theater Listing: cinema listings for the major cities.
City Guides: Japan: tourist information for the major centers.
Costs in Japan: costs of basic items and services.
- Saving Money in Tokyo: how to cut down on living expenses.
Dialing Codes - Japan: dialing codes for the main cities.
Embassies in Japan: listing of the major foreign embassies and consulates in Tokyo and Osaka.
Entertainment Guide to Japan: restaurants, bars and clubs.
Japan's Economy: an overview of the Japanese economy.
Japan Facts & Figures: statistics on population, employment and trade.
Japan Rail Pass: the most economic way to visit Japan.
Flights to Japan: getting to Japan by air.
Hitchhiking in Japan: hitchhiking tips.
Immigration Offices: listing of the main immigration offices nationwide.
International Centers in Japan: places where English-speaking residents can find assistance, things happening, events, and community.
Internet Cafes in Japan: Internet cafe listing.
Japan Links: useful Japan links.
Maps of Japan: maps of the Japanese archipelago.
Mobile Phone Rental in Japan:rent a cell phone in Japan - our recommendations.
Japan Product Search Service: Japanvisitor product search service.
Telephone Numbers in Japan: Useful telephone numbers - emergency, health, services.
Travel Information: Korea/Japan: Travel between Japan and Korea.
Travel Information: Japan - air, bus, ferry, train, taxi: Getting around in Japan.
Japan Visa Information: Japan visas.
Japan Weather Information: weather forecasts for the major cities.

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