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Japan Transport

Japan flag. Japanese Transport

Japan Transport Guide - Getting Around 交通

Japan has excellent public transport, whether you are traveling by shinkansen, plane, express train, highway bus, city bus, or ferry.

Japan's train, bus and subway networks are efficient and punctual and compared with other countries extremely safe.

Costs may be on the high side but standards of service and efficiency are correspondingly reliable.

Frequently, Japan visitors and residents are striking out on their own by car hire or bicycle.

Part of visiting Japan is enjoying the comfort, safety and reliability of its various modes of getting around from shinkansen to steam train and from Tokyo taxi to Kyushu ferry boat.

Buses. Ferry. Highway bus. JR Rail Pass.
Buses Ferries Highway Buses JR Rail Pass
Shinkansen. Japan Taxi. Japan Trains. Japan Travel tips.
Shinkansen Taxis Trains Travel Tips
Hitch-hiking. Yamanote Line. Osaka Loop Line. Taxi Crests.
Hitch-hiking Yamanote Line Osaka Loop Line Taxi Crests
Green Car. Japan Stations. Kyoto Buses. Raku Buses Kyoto.
Green Car Japan Stations Kyoto Buses Raku Buses
Umisachi Yamasachi. Kumagawa Railway. Car Rental in Japan. Car Rental Search in Japan.
Umisachi Yamasachi Kumagawa Railway Car Hire Rental Car Search
Trams in Japan. Buses in Tokyo, Japan. Iwami Kagura Line. Ichibata Electric Railway.
Japan Trams Tokyo Buses Iwami Kagura Line Ichibata Railway

Japan Flights

Japan Flights. Flight times to Japan Airport Access. Narita
Japan Flights Flight Times Airport Access Narita Departures
KIX. Centrair. Haneda. Itami.
KIX Departures Centrair Departures Haneda Departures Itami Departures

Japan Subways

Japan subway. Tokyo Subway. Nagoya subway. Kyoto Subway.
Japan Subways Tokyo Subway Nagoya Subway Kyoto Subway
Osaka Subway. Fukuoka Subway. Sapporo Subway. Kobe Subway.
Osaka Subway Fukuoka Subway Sapporo Subway Kobe Subway
Ginza Line. Marunouchi Subway Line. Midosuji Line. Tanimachi Line.
Ginza Line Marunouchi Line Midosuji Line Tanimachi Line

Tokyo Transport

Chuo-Soba Line. Shinjuku Buses. Toden Arakawa Line. Tsukuba Express.
Chuo-Sobu Shinjuku Buses Toden Arakawa Tsukuba Express

Tokyo Area Stations

Tokyo Station. Ueno Station. Ikebukuro Station. Shibuya Station.
Tokyo Station Ueno Station Ikebukuro Station Shibuya Station
Shinjuku Station. Akihabara Station. Shinagawa Station. Nippori Station.
Shinjuku Station Akihabara Station Shinagawa Station Nippori Station
Shimbashi Station. Ochanomizu Station. Nishi Nippori Station. Asakusa Station.
Shimbashi Station Ochanomizu Station Nishi Nippori Station Asakusa Station

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