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Fukuoka Subway

Japan flag. Japan Subway Systems: Fukuoka Subway

Fukuoka Subway 福岡地下鉄

Fukuoka's subway system has three lines: the Kuko Line (Airport Line), which runs between Meinohama Station and Fukuokakuko (Fukuoka Airport), the Hakozaki Line, which runs between Nakasu-kawabata and Kaizuka stations, and the Nanakuma Line, which operates between Hashimoto and Tenjin-minami stations.

The main intersecting station is Tenjin Station where all three lines intersect. At Meinohama Station passengers can change to the JR Chikuhi Line for trains to Karatsu, where Karatsu Castle is the main attraction of this seaside town. Kaizuka Station connects to the Nishitetsu Line for trains to Nishitetsu-Shingu.

Fukuoka Subway Fares

Prices start from 100 yen (otonari ticket) up to 340 yen for the subway and a number of pre-paid cards available for use on the Fukuoka subway system. These travel cards include a one-day pass (600 yen Mon-Thurs; 500 yen Fri-Sun), a Chika Pass valid for 1, 3 or 6 months, f-cards, Yoka-Net cards valid for the subway and Nishitetsu Tenjin-Omuta Line, Wai Wai Cards valid for the subway and JR Chikuhi Line and the rechargeable Hayakaken IC card which is also usuable used within the JR Kyushu's SUGOCA area, Nishitetsu train & bus NIMOCA area, and JR East Japan's SUICA area.

Trains operate on Fukuoka's subway system from 5.30am to 12.25am. Announcements on the train are in both Japanese and English. All stations on the Fukuoka subway system have automatic platform gates and each station also has its own unique logo.

Fukuoka subway one-day pass.Fukuoka subway sign, Fukuoka, Japan.

Fukuoka Subway Stations

The Kuko Line is represented as orange on subway maps, the Hakozaki Line is blue and the Nanakuma Line is green.

Stations on the Kuko Line are Fukuokakuko, Higashi-Hie, Hakata, Gion (for Kushida Shrine), Nakasu-Kawabata (for Canal City), Tenjin (for ACROS Fukuoka), Akasaka, Ohorikoen, Tojinmachi and Nishijin.

Stations on the Hakozaki Line are Kaizuka, Hakozaki-Kyudaimae, Hakozaki-Miyamae, Maidashi-Kyudaibyoinmae, Chiyo-Kenchoguchi, Gofukumachi and Nakasu-Kawabata.

Stations on the Nanakuma Line are Tenjin-minami, Watanabe-dori, Yakuin, Yakuin-odori, Sakurazaka, Ropponmatsu, Befu, Chayama, Kanayama, Nanakuma, Fukudai-mae, Umebayashi, Noke, Kamo,Jiromaru and Hashimoto.

The Shinkansen from Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima arrives at Hakata Station, which is only two stops on the subway from Fukuoka Airport with the station in the domestic terminal. The Kyushu Shinkansen from Hakata to Kagoshima begins at Hakata Station.

Fukuoka subway, Kyushu, Japan.Fukuoka subway.

Fukuoka subway, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan.Fukuoka subway.

Fukuoka Subway Video

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