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JR East Pass

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JR East Rail Pass

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Shinkansen Bullet Train, Tokyo, Japan

About the JR East Pass

The JR East Pass is for those who want unlimited use of train lines in eastern Japan for just a week or two.

The JR East Pass is available as a 5-consecutive-day, 10-consecutive-day, or 4-day-flexible (usable over 30 days) pass.

Eastern Japan, the area covered, means the main island of Honshu east of a line running roughly from the Noto Peninsula to the Izu Peninsula, comprising the following areas and prefectures:

  • Kantō Region (Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures)
  • Tōhoku Region (Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures)
  • Shizuoka prefecture
  • Niigata prefecture
  • Nagano prefecture
  • Yamanashi prefecture

The JR East Area Pass gives you unlimited use of the following train lines throughout Eastern Japan:

  • Nagano, Tohoku, Joetsu, Yamagata and Akita shinkansen (bullet train) services
  • All JR East local, limited express, and express trains
  • Aoimori Railway
  • Hokuetsu Kyuko Railway's Hokuhoku Line
  • IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway
  • Sendai Airport Transit
  • Tobu Railway local trains between Shimo-imaichi and Tobu-Nikko/Kinugawa-Onsen stations
  • Selected Tobu Railway limited express trains: Kinugawa, Nikko, Spacia Kinugawa, Spacia Nikko.
  • Tokyo Monorail
Note the JR East Pass is not valid for JR East buses.

Prices in Japanese yen.

Period Green Car [1st class] Adult [26+] Youth [12-25] Child [6-11]
5 day 28,000 20,000 16,000 10,000
10 day 44,800 32,000 25,000 16,000

Another option is the Flexible 4-Day Pass which entitles you to unlimited travel on any four consecutive or non-consecutive days within a month of the date the pass was issued. You do not have to indicate which four days you intend to use.

Period Green Car [1st class] Adult [26+] Youth [12-25] Child [6-11]
4 day flex 28,000 20,000 16,000 10,000

Shinkansen bullet train at Nagoya Station

Shinkansen bullet train

Validity of JR East Pass

  • Valid throughout the designated area, on local, limited express and shinkansen bullet trains (except Tokaido Shinkansen).
  • Sendai Airport Transit (Beginning on March 5, 2011)
  • Tokyo Monorail
  • Izu Kyuko Line
  • Hokuetsu Kyuko Railway
  • Hokuhoku Line Aoimori Railway
  • IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway
  • Tobu Railway - local trains between Shimo-imaichi and Tobu-nikko/Kinugawa-onsen Stations. Also, the following Tobu Railway limited express trains: the Nikko, the Spacia Nikko, the Kinugawa and the Spacia Kinugawa.
  • To qualify for a JR East Rail Pass, you must be:

    • a temporary visitor to Japan with a Temporary Visitor visa (tanki-taizai (短期滞在) ("tan-key tie-zye") in Japanese) which allows you to stay no more than 3 months in Japan.
    • a Japanese national who can provide documentary evidence of permanent residence in a country other than Japan.

    Buy a JR East Rail Pass Online

    Purchase a JR East Rail Pass.

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    Japan Rail Pass.

    Japan Rail Pass

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