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Japan Weather - Kyoto Rainfall

Japan flag. Japan Weather: Annual Rainfall in Kyoto

Kyoto Weather 京都の雨

The rainy or monsoon season in Japan (tsuyu) - usually occurs in June and July for a period of around 40 days and is marked by high humidity and heavy rainfall.

Kyoto can be pretty wet and waterproofs are a good idea when out on the temple trail. Hotels, shops and department stores will often provide plastic covers for umbrellas and if you get caught in a downpor without an umbrella, convenience stores will quickly have a supply of clear plastic umbrellas on sale from about 300-500 yen in cost.

October, November and December are good months to visit anywhere in Japan when day-time temperatures are warm and rainfall is low. September is the typhoon season and there may be heavy storms.

Kyoto rain chart

Kyoto rainy season.

The Shirakawa River in Kyoto during the city's hot, wet and humid rainy season or tsuyu

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