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Japanese Culture

Japan flag. Articles on Japan & Japanese Culture

Japanese Culture 日本の文化

Japan is a country of culture both traditional Japanese culture, epitomized by Zen stone gardens, ukiyo-e wood-block prints, Kabuki theater, Noh drama, tea ceremony and haiku poetry, and more modern culture represented by manga, anime, cosplay and video games.

Enjoy a range of articles on Japanese culture both traditional and contemporary:

Including ...Baseball | Books | Drinking | Festivals | Food | Gay | History | Images | Japanese language | Onsen hot springs | Religion | Trivia | Zen ... and much more

A-Z: Japan - An A-Z listing of Japanese culture: From Anpanman to Zen.

Arashiyama - Kyoto riverside beauty spot.

Arts & Crafts - a listing of Japan's most famous traditional arts and crafts.

Japanese Baseball

Baseball - Japanese Baseball.
-Japanese Baseball - An introduction
-A Day Out At The Kyujo - A visit to a Japanese ballpark.
-The Japan Leagues - Japan's Baseball Leagues & MLB.
-Japan / US Baseball - Japan and the Majors.
-Japan / US Baseball II - Japan and the Majors.
-Japan / US Baseball III - Japanese Baseball Players - Over There & Over Hyped
-Ichiro - Robert Whiting's new book on Ichiro
-Koshien - Japan's High School Baseball Tournament.
-Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball - A Review of Kenneth Eng's documentary.

Blood Types - Japanese Blood Types.

Books on Japan

Books on Japan: travel guides, fiction, history, society, art, manga.
-About Ai & From Where I'm Standing - by Court Merrigan.
-An Interview with David Mitchell - author of Cloud Atlas, Ghostwritten & Number 9 Dream.
-Daiko - by Matthew Walsh.
-Short Stories with a Japan theme


Japan on Wheels - The Japanese Car Experience
Interview with Simon Humphries - Toyota Car Designer
New Toyota Designs 2005 - at Tokyo Motor Show

Cartoons - mini Japanese language lessons - introducing Dozo & Domo by Harrison Wheeler

Clubbing in Japan - The club scene in Tokyo and Osaka: DJs, venues, music.

Cosplay - the fetish of costume play in Japan.

"Cute" Culture - Japan's Soft Power: The Culture of Cute

Disposable Chopsticks - Japan's ecological conundrum.

Dining in Kyoto - Eating al fresco by the Kamogawa River in the ancient capital.

Dowa - Japan's Outcastes

Drinking in Japan - Japan, the drinking culture: beer, sake and whisky.

Earth Embassy / Solar Cafe - Sustainable living on Mt. Fuji.


Expo 2005 - Aichi Expo 2005.
-Expo 2005 News - Event & Exhibition News.
-Getting To Expo 2005 - Travel details on getting to the Expo near Nagoya.
-New Zealand Pavilion - Interview with New Zealand's Trade & Enterprise's Mike Pattison.
-US Pavilion - A Preview of the American Pavilion.
Finance - Investing in Japan

Famous Japanese People & Foreign Residents Of Japan - Mishima, Kurosawa, and more

Game Centers - Loud Fun

Japanese Festivals

Japanese Festivals - Japan's festival (matsuri) calendar.
-Ako Festival - The 47 Ronin.
-Hina Matsuri - Doll festival.
-Hina Matsuri II - More on the Doll festival.
Hina Matsuri III - Awashima Shrine Doll Festival
Shichi Go San Festival - Children's Festival For 3, 5 and 7 Year-Olds
Sapporo Snow Festivals - Popular Ice Sculpture in February
Tanabata - Japan's summer Star Festival

Japanese Film - Movie Reviews of Japanese films and films about Japan.

Japanese Food

Japanese Food - Japanese food: an overview.
-Dining in Kyoto - Eating al fresco by the Kamogawa River in the ancient capital.
-Fugu - Fugu (blowfish): Japan's deadly delicacy.
-Izakaya - Japan's version of the pub.
-Okinawa Food & Cuisine - Food from the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa.
-Rice - Japan's 21st Century Farmers.
-Sake: the secret of good sake.
-Seaweed - Essence and accents from the sea.
-Soy Sauce (shoyu) - The soy sauce breweries of Yuasa in Wakayama.
-Sushi - Sushi with attitude.
-Takoyaki - Osaka's iconic snack.
-What To Eat - Varieties of Japanese food and Japanese cuisine.

Gambling - Betting in Japan - horse-racing, Toto, pachinko, mahjong.

Japanese Gardens - Japan's famous gardens (Spanish).

Gay Japan

Gay Japan - The Gay Lesbian experience.
Gay Japan - An Overview of Homosexuality in Japan
Japan Gay Listing - Gay & Lesbian bars and clubs in Japan
Tokyo Gay Listing - Gay & Lesbian bars and clubs in the Tokyo area

Geisha - Geisha: Past, Present and Future.
Geisha Tours - Book a Geisha Tour in Kyoto.
Memoirs of a Geisha - movie review.

General Union - General Union for English teachers in Japan.

Gift giving in Japan - The culture of giving and receiving gifts.

Glossary - An essential glossary of Japanese words and phrases.

Haiku - Japan's popular short poems.

Japanese History

Japanese History
-History - Japan's history from Jomon to the present day.
-Kamikaze: 'On the Wings of Peace: An ex-kamikaze pilot creates a new world'.
-Emigration: Japanese Emigration to Hawaii and the Americas.
-Lafcadio Hearn: Japan's foreign literary giant of the early Meiji Period.
-Ee janai ka: Drunken revels in 1867.
-The Battle of Fushimi Toba: The decisive battle of the Boshin War 1868-69.

Hi-Tech - Japan: High Tech.

Ice Hockey - Japan has an established ice-hockey league.

Interviews - Regge Life, Joan Sinclair, a Kabuki star, and more.

Images of Japan - Japan through the lenses of top photographers.

Kabuki - Japan's traditional theater.
Interview with a kabuki actor - Japan Visitor talks to the kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa XI.

Karaoke - A look at Japan's export phenomenon.

Koban - Japan's police box system.

Katsuouji Temple - Buddhist Temple famous for Daruma Dolls

Koto-e - Japanese plaster relief.

Lacquerware - urushi (Japanese lacquerware): so famous worldwide that it was given the name 'japan'.


Language - Studying & Teaching Japanese and English.
-Basic Japanese Language - Basic Japanese and useful phrases.
-Counting in Japanese: the Japanese numbering system explained.
-New Japanese Words - New Japanese words entering the language.

Japan Links & Resources - Useful Japan links.

Japanese Music - CD Reviews.
Music Festivals - Fuji Rock, Summer Sonic, Earth Celebration.

Machiya - A look at the revivial of Kyoto's Townhouses.

Match-making - the world of omiai (meetings) and nakodo (go-betweens) in arranged marriages.

Weddings - Japanese wedding ceremonies.

Mobile phone (keitai) use in Japan - Japan is a world-leader in mobile phone innovation and use.

Japanese National Holidays - and important festivals.

Newspapers in Japan - World's biggest circulation.

Nikko - resting place of the Tokugawa

Ninomiya Chuhachi - Japan's aircraft pioneer.

Nishiki Market - Kyoto's Foodie Paradise.


Onsen - Japan's hot-springs.
-Onsen nationwide - A guide to Japan's hot-springs.
-Arima Onsen - Hyogo Prefecture.
-Kyushu Onsen - Kyushu's hot springs.
-Yoshidaya Onsen Shimane - Advertise your onsen or ryokan like this.

Pachinko - Gamble with ball bearings.
Pachinko 2 - More on a national obsession.
Photo Essays - A regular look at events in Japan.

Podcast - the sounds of real Japan.

Relations - Japan/Korea international relations.

Purikura - Print club craze.

Japanese Gods - Ebisu & Daikoku
Temples & Shrines - Japan's Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.
Nanzenji - one of Kyoto's most famous temples.
Muroji Temple - a jewel in the mountains of Nara prefecture.

Ryokan - Japanese guest houses.

Sake - the secret of finding good sake.

Sakurajima - active volcano in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Seaweed - Essence and accents from the sea.

Sento - Japan's public bath houses.

Seasons in Japan - A seasonal look at Japan.
-Japan in Spring - Cherry blossom (sakura).
Scuba diving in Japan - Where to go for scuba diving near Tokyo.

Shochu - Japan's favorite distilled tipple.

Shodoshima - Japan's olive oil island.

Skiing in Japan - Japan's best mountain resorts.

Sounds of Japan - Sound samples.

Sumo - Sumo wrestling: Japan's national sport.
Sumo Images - Photographs of Japan's national sport.
Tattooing in Japan - Interview with an Osaka tattoo studio owner

Temples & Shrines

Temples & Shrines Listing - Japan's most well known Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.

Temples & Shrines - Japan's Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.
Nanzenji - one of Kyoto's most famous temples.

Tin: The History & Use of Tin in the Far East

Tokyo's Hippest Hotel

Trivia - Japan in detail: Volume 1.
Trivia - Japan in detail: Volume 2.
Trivia - Japan in detail: Volume 3.
Waribashi (Disposable Chopsticks) - Japan's ecological conundrum.

Underwear Theft

Yabusame - Horseback Archery Festival in Koyama.

Zen Buddhism - The sound of one hand clapping.

Zodiac - 12 Animals of the Oriental Zodiac.
Zodiac - Japanese astrology: Horoscopes, blood types & the 5 elements.

Fall Leaves in Arashiyama, Kyoto
Japanese baseball
Books on Japan - reviews of Japan-related fiction, history, society books
Japanese cars
Introducing Dozo & Domo by Harrison Wheeler
Hina Matsuri Dolls
Drinking in Japan
Japanese festival calendar
Japanese food and cuisine
Gay Japan
Japanese history
Images of Japan
Manhole covers in Japan
Movies on Japan & Japanese movies
Onsens and hot-spring resorts
Japanese sake.
Scuba diving in Japan
Sumo wrestling
Information on temples and shrines in Japan.
Tokyo - information on Japan's capital city - where to go and what to see
Yabusame horseback archery
Zen buddhism

Books on Japan & Japanese Culture