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Shimane Images

Japan flag. Images and Photographs of Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Shimane 島根

Shimane images, Japan

Hundreds of images of Shimane, Japan through the camera lenses of on-the-spot photographers.

Enjoy these exclusive pictures of Shimane Prefecture. The Shimane section contains photographs of Iwami kagura performances, festivals (matsuri) in Kuromatsu, Ganrinji Temple, Kannabi Temple, Izumo Taisha Shinto shrine, Hiwa Shrine, Matsue Castle, Go River, the port and UNESCO World Heritage listed Yunotsu, Dangyokei, Gotsu, Lake Shinji and a number of photographs showing the natural beauty of Shimane Prefecture's mountains and forests.

Images of Shimane, Japan are continually being added, so please check again for more.

Images of Shimane Prefecture, Japan


Ancient nutmeg tree in Shitane Shrine, Shimane prefecture

Barn wall, Shimane prefecture

Threshing millet Tanijugo Shimane prefecture

Roadside Buddhist 'Jizo' shrine in a concrete pipe, Shimane prefecture

Boat Shimane prefecture

Castle steps Shimane prefecture

Cedar and palm Shimane prefecture

Kuromatsu Festival

Kuromatsu Festival II

Kuromatsu Festival III

Izumo Taisha Wedding

Izumo Taisha Wedding II

Dragon Boats on the Go River, Shimane

Dragon carving, Ganrinji Temple Shimane

Dragonfly on rock, Shimane

Daikon and millet drying, farmhouse Tanijugo Shimane

Rice hung to dry in paddy Nishida Shimane

Thatched farmhouse, Iwami Ginzan, Shimane

Farmhouse Tanijugo Shimane

Mushiokuri Dancer, Mushiokuri dance, Iwami Town, Shimane

Hinomisaki Shrine Shimane

Hiwa Shrine Shimane

Ichigi Shrine Shimane

Kagura musicians Mizuho Shimane

Farm Tazu Shimane

Tondo Matsuri

Shimenawa Izumo Taisha

Yato Dam Sakurae Shimane

Yosakoi Dancers Matsukawa Matsuri

Young rice

More young rice

Shrine at festival time

Rape blossoms (nanohana)

Temple Guardian 'Nio' at Kannabi Temple

Orochi Kagura

Temple cemetery, Shimane prefecture

Shinto god 'Daikoku' Shonai Shimane prefecture

Fall foliage Dangyokei Shimane

Dawn Go River Shimane

Dawn Sakurae Shimane

Demon stalking in Iwami Kagura Tanijugo, Shimane

Monkey character, Iwami Kagura Tanijugo Shimane

Iwami Kagura Tanijugo, Shimane

'Oni' (devil) dancer Iwami Kagura

'Oni' (devil) dancer Iwami Kagura

Frozen dragon spout, Kensuiyama Shrine Shimane

Izumo Shrine at Gakuenji Temple Shimane

Carving on the gate at Ganrin-Ji Temple, Shimane

Go River Sakurae Shimane

Hachiman effigy Mushiokuri dance Shimane

Iwami Kagura Demon (oni) Tanijyugo, Shimane

Shimenawa, Tanijugo Shrine, Shimane

Maple Ohnan Shrine Shimane

Jizo Lake Shinji Matsue Shimane

Fox figurines Inari Jinja Matsue Shimane

Invocation Dance Iwami Kagura, Gotsu, Shimane

Mushiokuri Dance Iwami Town Shimane

Iwami Kagura Tanijugo Shimane

Adobe farmhouse Shimane

Stone steps at sunset.

Susuki (Japanese pampas grass)

Dawn Tanijugo Shimane

Shrine Steps Susa

Taikodani Inari Shrine

Ceremonial Rope

Ginkgo Leaves on Shrine Steps

Door of Farmhouse

Orochi Kagura II

Matsue Castle, Shimane

Miners Shrine, Kitayama, Shimane

Old bicycle Omori Shimane

Temizuya Mononobe Jinja, Shimane

Torii Omoto Jinja Nagatani Shimane

Orochi (8-headed serpent) Dance Iwami Kagura, Sakurae, Shimane

Rice planting Tanijugo Shimane

Sacred tree Gongen Falls Shimane

Sacred zelkova tree Ichiyama Sakurae

Sugidama (cedar ball) outside Sake brewery Yunotsu Shimane

Shrine priest dispensing beans at Setsubun festival

Making Shimekazari (New Year decorations)

More making of Shimekazari (New Year decorations)

Shimenawa Kigami Shrine Omori Shimane

Artillery shell guarding entrance to Hinui Shrine, Shimane

Spider Demon Dance Iwami Kagura Shimane

Stacked firewood Sakurae Shimane

Steps to temple Yato, Shimane

Abandoned storehouse

Lord Susano Iwami Kagura

Carved symbol Iwato-Ji Temple

Rice growing

Tanuki figures

Travellers Shrine

Wall Izumo Shrine Shimane

Yunotsu harbor Shimane

Temple Banners Shimane

Ebisu Shrine Esaki Shimane

Origami Cranes at Yasugi Shrine

Iwami Kagura Shimoko Shimane

Miko Shrine 'Maidens'

Shinto Priests

Tagi Harbor Shimane

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