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Japan Manhole Covers V

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Japanese manhole covers

Japanese manhole covers, which come in a variety of designs depending on locality, utility type and the manufacturer of the manhole cover, have caught the imagination of a growing number of "drainspotters" from around the world.

A quick search on Google reveals the increasing number of tribute sites and the popularity of the cult of the manhole.

Japan's manhole covers often include a symbol specific to an area or town as part of the overall design. In Kyoto, a turtle (a symbol of wisdom and longevity) is the main motif, in addition local landmarks, festivals or flora and fauna can all be incorporated into these works of art under our feet.

If you have a manhole cover shot and wish to have it displayed on this page please contact us.

Akiyoshi Manhole Cover, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Akiyoshi Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Akiyoshi Manhole Cover, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Akiyoshi Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Hagi Manhole Cover, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Takefu City Manhole Cover, Fukui Prefecture.

Takefu City, Fukui Prefecture.

Otsu City manhole, Shiga Prefecture.

Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

Nara City manhole, Nara Prefecture.

Nara City, Nara Prefecture.

Nagakute City manhole, Aichi Prefecture.

Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture.

Nagoya City manhole, Aichi Prefecture.

Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

Wakasa-cho manhole, Fukui Prefecture.

Wakasa-cho, Fukui Prefecture.

Kuwana Manhole, Mie Prefecture.

Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture.

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