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Korea Culture

Korea flag. Korea & Korean Culture

Korean Culture

Korean Culture.

Find a list of feature articles on Korean culture including Korean food and drink, sport in Korea, Korean symbols, language, martial arts, music, Korean traditions and religion.

Korean Culture Listing

Korea A-Z - An A-Z of Korean culture.

Accommodation - Book hotel accommodation in Korea.
Accommodation Listing - a listing of hotel accommodation by city in Korea.

Banks & Money - Our guide to money in Korea.

Books on Korea - Travel guide books to Korea.

Korean City Guides - Travel guides of the major Korean cities.

Korean Costs - The costs of basic items and services.

DMZ - The Demilitarized Zone between North and South.

Drinking in Korea - Drinking culture in South Korea.

Economy - South Korean economy: an overview.

Exchange Rates - South Korean Won Exchange Rates.

Facts & Figures - statistics: population, employment, trade.

Korean Woman Playing Traditional Flute, Seoul

Korean Woman Playing Traditional Flute, Seoul

Korean side dishes including dried seaweed.

Korean side dishes (banchan) including laver, pickles and fried fish

Food - Korean cuisine and typical dishes: books.

Gay Korea - information on gay and lesbian South Korea.

Images of Korea - photographs of Korea.

Korean Glossary - Korean words and cultural terms.

Korean Language - Korean language basics and useful phrases.

Korean War related sites - Panmunjon, Dorosan Station and other places with connections to the Korean War.

Korean Word of the Day - learn a new Korean word each day.

Makkgeolli - Korean rice wine.

Maps - maps of the Korean peninsula.

North Korean Cinema - a review of the documentary The Great North Korean Picture Show.

Patterns & Symbols - Korea's traditional patterns & symbols.

Restaurants, Bars & Clubs - Dining out & drinking in Seoul.

Soccer - Soccer in Korea: K.League and national team.

Sounds of Korea - Korean sound samples.

Taekwondo - Korea's martial arts.

Telephone Numbers - Important telephone numbers - embassies.

Travel in Korea - Air, bus, car, train, ferry and taxi.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Korea - a listing of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Korea.

Weather in Korea - Weather information.

Books on Korean Culture