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Kyoto Travel Guide 京都

Kyoto Guides | Kyoto Accommodation | Kyoto Food | Kyoto Temples | Kyoto Shrines | Kyoto Museums

Find all you need to know about Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital and treasure house of Japanese culture.

Read our Kyoto area guides, find a hotel in Kyoto or budget accommodation, visit Kyoto's temples and shrines, enjoy Kyoto's museums, eat out at the ancient capital's restaurants bars and clubs, maybe even find a Japanese girl or boy to date.

Find information on gay Kyoto, Geisha, Kyoto weather, Kyoto facts, Kyoto travel by subway and local train and ideas for day trips out of the city to Nara, Osaka and Kobe. It's all here. Enjoy!

Kyoto Guides

Kyoto was historically divided in distinct areas; Rakuchu, which is the ancient city center with many of Kyoto's main tourist sights including the Imperial Palace and Nijo Castle; Higashiyama, the area of gentle hills on the east side of the city where many of Kyoto's famous temples are located such as Ginkakuji, Kiyomizudera and Nanzenji; Rakuhoku, the area around Mt Hiei in the north east of the city, thought to be an area haunted by evil spirits; Rakusai, in the west was the summer resort of the court and nobility includes Myoshinji Temple and Ninnaji; Rakunan, the south of the city, famous for its sake production and tea fields.

Kyoto At A Glance. Kyoto Area Guides. Kyoto Cosmology. Kyoto Districts.
Kyoto At A Glance Kyoto Area Guides Kyoto Cosmology Kyoto Districts
Kyoto Hotel. Kyoto Moss. Kyoto Museums. Kyoto personals. Find a soul mate in Kyoto.
Kyoto Hotel Kyoto Moss Kyoto Museums Kyoto Personals
Kyoto A-Z. Blood Soaked Temples of Kyoto. Kyoto Shrines. Kyoto Temples.
Kyoto A-Z Bloody Temples Kyoto Shrines Kyoto Temples
Kyoto Shopping. Nishiki Market. Kyoto hanami. Kyoto arts and crafts.
Kyoto Shopping Nishiki Market Kyoto Blossom Arts & Crafts

Kyoto Accommodation & Travel

Kyoto Hotels. Kyoto Hostels. Kyoto Map. Kyoto Markets.
Kyoto Hotels Kyoto Hostels Kyoto Map Kyoto Markets
Kyoto Protocol. Kyoto Sento. Kyoto Station. Kyoto Subway.
Kyoto Protocol Public Baths Kyoto Station Kyoto Subway
Kyoto Temple Stay. Kyoto Temples and Shrines. Kyoto Rainfall. Kyoto Tower.
Temple Stay Temples & Shrines Kyoto Rainfall Kyoto Tower
Kyoto Buses. Kyoto Tower. Hankyu Shijo Kawaramachi Station, Kyoto. Sanjo Keihan Station, Kyoto.
Kyoto Buses Raku Buses Shijo Station Sanjo Station

Kyoto Cuisine & What's On

Kyoto's traditional cuisine includes the elaborate kaiseki ryori and the vegetarian shojin ryori often served in and around Zen temples.

Kyoto Dining. Kyoto Images. Kyoto Machiya. Kyoto Rail Map.
Kyoto Dining Kyoto Images Kyoto Machiya Kyoto Rail Map
Kyoto Travel. Kyoto University. What's On. Kyoto Weather.
Kyoto Travel Kyoto University What's On Kyoto Weather

Kyoto Temples

Kyoto has well over a thousand temples with some of them the most famous and iconic temples in Japan including Kinkakuji, Ryoanji and Ginkakuji.

Ginkakuji. Kinkakuji. Kiyomizudera.
Ginkakuji Temple Kinkakuji Temple Kiyomizudera
Nanzenji. Ryoanji Temple. Toji Temple.
Nanzenji Temple Ryoanji Temple Toji Temple

Kyoto Shrines

Kyoto's famous Shinto shrines include Heian Shrine, Fushimi Inari and the ancient shrines of Kamigamo and Shimogamo.

Fushimi Inari. Heian Jingu. Kamigamo Shrine.
Fushimi Inari Heian Shrine Kamigamo Shrine
Kitano Tenmangu. Shimagamo Shrine. Yasaka Shrine.
Kitano Tenmangu Shimogamo Shrine Yasaka Shrine

Kyoto Museums

Kyoto museums include museums dedicated to Kyoto's traditional arts and crafts as well as more modern museums such as the International Manga Museum and Ritsumeikan's Peace Museum.

Kyoto National Museum. Kyoto Museum of Modern Art. Museum of Kyoto.
Kyoto National Museum National Museum of Modern Art Museum of Kyoto
Manga Museum. Eiga Mura. Hosomi Museum.
Manga Museum Eiga Mura Hosomi Museum

Recommended Reading on Kyoto

Two of Diane Durston's books on Kyoto make for a great introduction to the city: Old Kyoto: The Updated Guide to Traditional Shops, Restaurants, and Inns and Kyoto: Seven Paths to the Heart of the City.
Also recommended are The Hidden Gardens of Kyoto by Masaaki Ono, Seeing Kyoto by Juliet Winter Carpenter and for the historical background to the sights Kyoto: A Cultural History by John Dougill.

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