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Japan Photo Competition


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The Competition

For our February competition we are joining with and to provide our biggest competition yet.

Unlike most photography competitions, this one is absolutely free! All you have to do is send your best photograph of Japan to along with your contact details and any additional information you would like included.

The runner up in the first round will win a free set of Eco chopsticks, while the winner will win an HDR software download from our sponsors Photomatix and proceed to the final round.

An Image produced with Photomatix HDR software
- visit the Stuck in Customs blog to see how it is done!

A road disappears into the sunset

In the final round the winner will compete against the winners of the Qatar and Beijing Visitor competitions to win a handmade Japanese mask provided by Goods from Japan.


  • The competition is for amateurs only please.
  • Photographs should be no larger than 800 pixels on their longest side, and the file size should be no greater than 180kb.
  • Photographs must be related to Japan
  • Only one image per competitor is allowed.
The Judges

The judge of our Japan round is Jake Davies.

Privacy will not transmit, sell, or pass on to any third party the information required for entering the Contest.

Disclaimer does not bear legal or other responsibility for the quality of and or satisfaction related to the prizes.