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Hana Cafe Oita

Japan flag. Cafes in Oita: Hana 花

Oita's Castle Park Cafes: Hana

Hana, Oita.

Joanne G. Yoshida

Pass back through Sho-ei Shrine from Friends Cafe toward the opposite direction and cross over a small bridge out the East Side of the Castle Park and arrive at Hana, an organic life-style shop and caf on the second floor of the modern concrete P&C building.

Glass topped tables reflect the changing sky and large sliding glass doors open to an ever-changing view of the ripples on the moat and the white walls of the castle remains. Late in the day the sun dapples the leaves of the cherry trees, and then sets over the castle. Here you can sip an organic coffee, Inka (chicory grain coffe), soy milk latte, or ume-sho-bancha tea while enjoying Hana's incredibly healthy and delicious macrobiotic cooking. (beverages 380 to 500 yen)

A brown rice lunch plate is available by reservation the day before. It arrives at the table like a mandala, dotted with deep green spinach, organic vegetables, earthy side dishes and soy protein with meat-like taste and textures. Wholesome delicacies you can enjoy while savoring the quiet and fleeting beauty of Oita's central park.

Sweets at Hana are made with no sugar or dairy. You may be surprised at how sweet a sweet can be with maple syrup, apple juice and other natural sweeteners, which are artfully combined with whole grains in original macrobiotic desserts. Indulge yourself in a meditative afternoon in a feast fit for the healthiest and holistic kings and queens.

Hana, Oita.

Hana, Oita.

Whether you are traveling for a few days in Oita or stopped over for a while, Hana is the perfect place for your natural or macrobiotic staples as well. Small size packages of organic soy sauce or condiments can be packed in your suitcase if you are traveling, or 2k bags of delicious organic local brown rice, whole grain breads, and sugar-free spreads can be picked up for your daily use.

In addition, you can find products for healthy living such as organic clothing, Ecover laundry soaps and organic shampoo, hand-made products and changing displays of crafts.

Hana is a great place for parties, and the space hosts a monthly meditation evening as well as other events - check for details and for other organic happenings around Oita.

There are more secrets surrounding the castle as well, including restaurants to discover and Art Plaza, the Art Gallery designed originally as a library by Oita-born architect Arata Isozaki, which you can see from the outdoor caf at Hosun. Work your way out to discover Oita's treasures, starting with its Castle Park cafes.

Hana, Oita.

Hana, Oita.


Shirosaki Machi 2-2-12
Tel: 097 573 7711

Google map of Hana

Text + images by Joanne G. Yoshida

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