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Japan flag. Restaurants, bars & clubs in Nagoya: Misfits


Inside Misfits.


Imaike Bee House 3rd Floor
Imaike 4-chome 10-16
tel: (052) 733 7525

Misfits has now closed

Misfits was located in the heart of Imaike, just behind the Chikusa-Ku post office and a mere 1 minute from Imaike Station on the Higashiyma Line. Our deliciously simple menu of Calzones, Pizzas and Pastas, very reasonably priced drinks and friendly staff is making Misfits more and more the place to be.

Open from 6pm until 2am (even later on the weekends), Misfits is good for a quiet meal early on and on most weeknights, but weekends are another story. With live music almost every weekend night, Quiz Night Thursdays, Stand-Up Comedy on the last Saturday of every month, and constantly changing Art Exhibitions, it's only a matter of time before the Late Night Madness Begins!

Whether it's early or late, whether you're alone or with friends, whether you're starving or just need a drink, Misfits can fill your stomach, warm your heart and feed your mind.

See our website for further details on upcoming events and find out why, "You'll fit right in!"

Join the party at Misfits.
Regular live music at Misfits.

Sun - Thurs
6pm - 2am
Friday & Saturday; 6pm - LATE

今池の中心にあるミスフィッツ、そこは食事や飲んだりするのに絶好の場所です。 ほぼ毎週末にある午後10時からのライブや、スタンドアップコメディ、そして、アー ト展示、ミスフィッツは名古屋で光り輝いているアフターアワースポットです。 カルツォーネ(これが超おいしい!と評判!!)、ピザ、パスタ、そしてスペシャル フーズ。ミスフィッツでしか味わえない、おいしさに満足することはまちがいな いでしょう。 詳細などはホームページで確認して下さい。 名古屋市千種区今池4-10-16今池ビーハウス3F

Misfits: 5 mins from Imaike station.