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Shinto Offerings in Shimane

Japan flag. Movies of the real Japan: Shinto Offerings

Shinto Offerings I, Shimane, Japan

From a 5 yen coin tossed into the collection box in front of the shrine, or an orange left at a wayside shrine, to a full-blown 40 course banquet of foods, offerings, heihaku, are an integral part of any Shinto ceremony.

Nowadays most offerings are shinsen, food offerings, and of these, sake is the most common followed by rice, and salt. Ceremonial sake is known as omiki, and after the ceremony will be consumed by the participants in an act of communion with the kami (gods).

In this video clip from Omoto Kagura Matsuri in Oda village, Shimane, ten priests are loading the altar with more than 40 different kinds of shinsen, an unusually large quantity owing to it being a ceremony performed only every 7 years.

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