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Spectacles Rap

Japan flag. Movies of the real Japan: Spectacles Rap

Salesman rapping in front of an opticians, East Exit, Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku ward, Tokyo.

If you can't find it in Shinjuku, it probably doesn't exist. Tokyo's major entertainment and shopping area is where all kinds of Tokyo's well-off and not-so-well-off rub shoulders in a neon commotion of everything from sedate old department stores and high street boutiques to pachinko parlors and sex shops.

Something very much made it through the commotion on a recent visit there: a rapper outside an optometrist's, appealing to people to see what's on special and what's just come in. The streets are so innured to shouting through cupped hands and megaphones, that this store got creative. With the constant cluster of passers by who stopped to watch, it seemed to be paying off.

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