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Cicadas in Aoyama Cemetery Tokyo.

Japan flag. Sounds of the real Japan: Cicadas in Aoyama Cemetery Tokyo

Cicadas, Aoyama Cemetery, Minato ward, Tokyo 青山霊園

Summer in Tokyo is sweated out to the shrilling of insects, mainly cicadas by day and crickets by night. Listen to the shrill of Japan's summer insects.

Aoyama Cemetery cicada, Minato ward, Tokyo in summer.

In the sultriness of summer in Japan, second only to the beach is the escape offered by Tokyo's many green spaces. Aoyama Cemetery is a wide expanse of green in Aoyama in Tokyo's elegant Minato ward, with the added interest of thousands of graves, many of them steeped in history and/or adorned with freshly laid flower arrangements.

Here, too, the sound of cicadas fills the air. Listen to the almost comical-sounding trill contrasting with the sombreness of the surroundings.

August 7, 2006.

Aoyama Cemetery, Minato ward, Tokyo in summer.

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