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Kyoto Miyako Messe

Japan flag. Sounds of the real Japan: Miyako Messe

Kyoto International Exhibition Hall

Around the corner from the major museums in the Okazaki section of Kyoto is Miyako Messe (the more common name of the large exhibition facility).

Miyako Messe is a large space with many exhibition areas, equipped for both arts & crafts shows, as well as business events.

The large building houses the offices of the Japan Designers Association and the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts (Kyoto Fureaikan). In addition, there are vast halls set up for trade shows and conventions.

In the front is aplaza that has a cafe on the south end, and bike parking on the north side.

Listen to the greetings, for the benefit of the blind, emanating from a speaker just to the left of where the photographer was standing:

This is Miyako Messe. The entrance is 20 meters ahead, just follow the bumpy tiled path.

July 21, 2009.

Miyako Messe

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