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National Diet Building

Japan flag. Tokyo Guide: National Diet Building

Tokyo Area Guide: National Diet Building 国会議事堂

Japanese Diet Building, Nagatacho, Tokyo.

The German-influenced three-storey National Diet Building on Kasumigaseki Hill in Nagatacho is Japan's parliament and center of government and a well-known Tokyo landmark.

The 65.5m tall reinforced concrete and granite structure was completed in 1936 after 18 years of construction work. All the building materials including the interior marble are locally-sourced.

The front of the building is approached from the east. Facing it, the south wing (to your right) contains the House of Councillors and the north wing (to your left) is the House of Representatives.

Free guided tours of the House of Councillors (about 60 minutes long) are available to the casual tourist. (A tour of the House of Representatives requires an invitation from a member of the House.)

House of Councillors: Mon-Fri (except national holidays) 8am-5pm; Tel: (03) 5521 7445 (Reception, House Police Department). (Tours may be suspended when the houses are in session.)

Access to the House of Councillors

For a tour, approach the Diet complex from behind, i.e. from the west. Coming from Nagata-cho station (Exit 1), the tour reception building is just to the right of the Annex of the House of Councillors. Look for the "Tours of the House of Councillors: Entrance" sign. Just across the road from Nagata-cho Station (Yurakucho subway line).

National Diet Building, Tokyo.

National Diet Building, Tokyo, Japan

National Diet Building, Tokyo.

Nagatacho Subway Station with US & Japan flags honoring President Barack Obama's visit in 2014, Tokyo

Nagatacho Station

BEWARE: there are no less than three different "Nagata-cho" stations, all within 5 minutes walk of each other:

  • Nagata-cho station, Yurakucho subway line
  • Nagata-cho station, Hanzomon subway line
  • Nagata-cho station, Namboku subway line

However, the exit numbers are shared by all three stations. They are not duplicated.

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