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Tokyo Area Guide: Ryogoku 両国

Ryogoku, Tokyo.


Ryogoku is synonymous with sumo, and has been for almost the past 300 years. Home to the Ryogoku Kokugikan (Ryogoku National Sports Stadium), three of Japan's six annual sumo championships take place here at the Tokyo-basho: the hatsu (New Year) basho held in January, the natsu (summer) tournament in May, and the aki (autumn) event in September. Many sumo stables are situated here, many of which can even be visited by the tourist, along with the Sumo Museum, dedicated to the history of Japan's national sport.

Culinary-wise the Ryogoku area is also renowned for its sumo connections with hearty chanko-nabe, the traditional dish of the sumo-ka.

However, as much as sumo flavors the area, there is more to Ryogoku than just the national sport. Ryogoku is also home to the beautiful and history-laden Eko-in Temple, dedicated to the souls of those who died without anyone to mourn them; to the elegant Kyu-Yasuda Teien Gardens, and the must-see Edo-Tokyo Museum. Read more about Ryogoku.

Ryogoku, Tokyo.Ryogoku, Tokyo.

Ryogoku.Ryogoku, Tokyo.

Getting to Ryogoku

Ryogoku is accessed form Ryogoku Station (JR Sobu Line) or Ryogoku Station (Toei Oedo subway line).

Kokugikan, Ryogoku.

Kokugikan - the spiritual home of Japanese sumo

Sumo wrestlers banners, Kokugikan, Ryogoku.

Sumo wrestlers' banners fly outside the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo

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