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About Ai

'About Ai' by Court Merrigan.

Ai dropped out of high school mid-way through her second year. This concerned her family, but no serious attempt was made to convince her otherwise. In the weeks leading up to the event, she sulked in her bedroom every morning, crying and refusing to get dressed, complaining about the jowl-to-jowl train ride, the teachers - especially smelly Mr. Hayashi in P.E. - the other kids, their stupid banter, the uniform, everything.

by Court Merrigan

From Where I'm Standing

'the short happy night of christian macomber' by Court Merrigan.

To: Frank, Levi, Sergio
From: Christian
Subject: the short happy night of christian macomber

you may sometimes get the impression that my time here in tokyo has served mainly to loosen the moorings of my sanity. and while i will not deny an occasional sense of that myself, i think perhaps it is largely a function of the process of mind-broadening, so to speak - a rather ostentatious way to say things have changed. indeed they have. i am no longer alone here.

by Court Merrigan


'Daiko' by Matthew Walsh

by Matthew Walsh

I stood at the kitchen sink running my wrists under the cold water, watching from my window the old man next dooris shoji doors pushed open, his futons airing on the fence post, his gnarled farmer hands curled around a small cup of tea. Mugi-cha, I thoughthe cold barley tea that tastes like Cheerios. I bet he drinking mugi-cha. Cicadas buzzed in through every window, in stereo, electric, and made the humidity seem alive. When the phone rang it was the first time I'd ever heard it ring. I'd been in Sasakami for a week, days I spent finding the post office, bank, and bakery, photographing the pink lotuses of Swan Lake, and sweating in the steaming heat that seemed to rise out of the rice fields, as if the standing water would boil over and there would be rice for thousands.

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