Auga Department Store & Fish Market Aomori

Auga Festival City フェスティバル シティ アウガ

Auga Department Store, Aomori.

The basement of the Auga Festival City department store in Aomori features an interesting fish market also selling local vegetables including Aomori Prefecture's delicious apples, other locally-grown fruit and dried foods including seaweed, mushrooms and smoked fish.

Auga Fish Market is a short walk from Aomori Station along Shinmachi Street (Amenity Street) and is a must-visit destination for fans of fresh seafood as the market has a number of intimate sushi restaurants where visitors can try a variety of Aomori's fabled seafood.

The 4th floor of Auga Festival City also has an internet cafe open from 10am-9pm daily (Tel: 017 735 3232). The 6th to 8th floors of Auga are a library consisting of a children's library, popular lending library and a reference library.

Just opposite the Auga department store is another fresh fish market the Aomori Fresh Fish & Vegetable Center with more sushi bars and a cafe.

Auga Fish Market, Aomori.
Sushi bar at Auga Fish Market, Aomori.

Access - Getting to Auga Fish Market

Auga Festival City
1-3-7 Shinmachi
Tel: 017 721 8000

Auga Festival City is a short five minute walk from Aomori Station on your right as you walk along Amenity Street (Shinmachi).

Auga Fish Market stalls, Aomori.
Fresh fish stalls at Auga Fish Market, Aomori.
Auga Fish Market shopping, Aomori.
Shopping at Auga Fish Market, Aomori.

Maps of Aomori

Map of Aomori
Map of Auga

Auga Fish Market, Aomori

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