Toyota Automobile Museum

Toyota Automobile Museum トヨタ博物館

The Toyota Automobile Museum is a fascinating showcase for locally-based Toyota Corporation showing the history of the world's cars and one of the best museums in Nagoya.

Toyota Automobile Museum Exhibits

Toyota Automobile Museum has exhibits of European, American and Japanese cars on its second and third floors.

The displays are carefully themed with sections dedicated to historic automobiles, luxury cars and mass production models.

The third floor Japanese section that contained high performance sports cars, as well as general Japanese cars has been rearranged to exhibit cars from all over the world arranged chronologically by year of manufacture in blocks of 10 years from the 1950's onward.

The models on display are beautifully maintained and lit and the buildings are spacious as you stroll the exhibits. Text explanations are presented in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Hour-long guided tours are available twice daily.

In all there are 60 cars from Europe and North America and 60 automobiles from Japan including Toyota, Nissan and other Japanese auto makers.

In addition to the main museum, there is a fascinating annex, which contains over 2,000 "cultural goods" detailing the social history of Japan from around the beginnings of the 20th century to the 1970s: album covers, household items (TVs, comics, fridges, cameras, clothes) as well as more cars, motorbikes and other vehicles.

Toyota Automobile Museum opened in 1989 and has a growing collection of around 120 cars including such names as Alpha Romeo, Austin, Baker, Benz, Buick, Cadillac, Chevolet, Citroen, Datsun, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Lancia, Mercedes, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Renault, Rolls Royce, Toyota, and Volswagen. Specific vehicles on show include a 1959 BMW Isetta, a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz also from 1959, a 1966 Toyota Corolla, a 1975 Honda Civic and the first gasoline-powered car built in Germany by Karl Benz in 1886.

The annex of the museum opened in 1999.

TAM Facilities

Additional facilities at the Toyota Automobile Museum include a restaurant called AVIEW, cafeteria, kids' room, research library, the Rene Lalique Car Mascot Gallery and museum shop.

Toyota Automobile Museum, Nagoya
Vintage car on display at Toyota Automobile Museum
Toyota Automobile Museum, Nagoya
Toyota Automobile Museum

Toyota Automobile Museum Access - Getting to TAM

Toyota Automobile Museum
Nagakute Town
Aichi Prefecture
Tel: 0561 63 5151
Hours: 9.30am-5pm (last admission 4.30pm); closed Monday
Admission: adults 1,000 yen, high school students and junior high 600 yen, elementary students 400 yen

From Nagoya Station take the Higashiyama Subway Line (yellow) to Fujigaoka, then transfer to the Linimo (Tobu Kyuryo Line) and get off at Geidai Dori Station. Turn left out of the station and you will see the museum ahead of you, a five minute walk. Alternatively there are buses from Fujigaoka.

Toyota Automobile Museum, Nagoya
Vintage Toyota car on display at Toyota Automobile Museum
Toyota Automobile Museum, Nagoya, Japan
Toyota Automobile Museum, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

Toyota Museums

Another Toyota Museum in Nagoya is the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry & Technology close to Sako Station not far from Nagoya Station. In Toyota city itself in the Toyota Kaikan Museum which offers plant tours of a Toyota factory.

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