JR Gifu Station

JR Gifu Station JR 岐阜駅

Along with Gifu Meitetsu Station, Gifu JR Station makes up the two most important railway stations in Gifu city.

Gifu Station, Gifu.
JR Gifu Station

There has been a station on this site since the late nineteenth century and the present Gifu Station underwent refurbishment which was completed in 2009.

The new Gifu Station Square includes the bus station, elevated walkways, a statue of Oda Nobunaga and water features.

Gifu JR Station, Gifu city, Japan.
JR Station, Gifu city
Gifu JR Station, Gifu city, Japan.
JR Station, Gifu city

Trains on the Tokaido Line run between Gifu, Nagoya Station, Kanayama Station and Toyohashi. The Tokaido Line also connects to Ogaki and Maibara.

The Takayama Main Line connects Gifu to Takayama, Hida Furukawa and Toyama by "Hida" Limited Express train via Gero Onsen.

Gifu JR Station, Gifu city, Japan.
Ticket Machines & Route Maps, JR Station, Gifu city
Gifu JR Station, Gifu city, Japan.
Gifu Tourist Information Office, JR Station, Gifu city

JR Gifu Station Facilities

Gifu JR Station contains the Gifu Tourist Information Office on the 2nd floor and a number of shops and cafes including MOS Burger and Mr. Donut. The Asty shopping mall is built into the station and is directly accessible.

Gifu JR Station is the city's main bus terminal for both city buses, highway buses and buses to other parts of Gifu Prefecture. There is also a large taxi rank outside the station.

Take a bus from here to reach the foot of Mt. Kinka for Gifu Castle from Bay 12 or 13.

Buses to Gifu University leave from Bay 9, to Nagaragawa International Convention Center from Bay 10.

Frequent buses to Gujo Hachiman originating from Gifu Meitetsu Station run from outside JR Gifu Station (Bay 14) via Mino and take approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

To the left of the north exit of the station are Juroku Plaza and the Gifu City Tower.

Gifu JR Station, Japan.
Gifu Station Square
Gifu Station Square, Gifu.
Gifu Station Square after refurbishment and redevelopment

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