Nishi Nippori Station

Japan Train Stations: Nishi Nippori Tokyo

Nishi Nippori Station 西日暮里駅

Nishi Nippori Station.

Nishi Nippori Station in northern, central Tokyo connects with the following lines:
the JR Yamanote Line, the Keihin-Tohoku Line to Tokyo, Shinagawa, Kawasaki and Yokohama stations and the Toei Nippori-Toneri Liner running approximately 10km on elevated track from nearby Nippori Station via Nishi Nippori Station toAkado-shogakkomae, Kumanomae, Adachi-Odai, Ogi-Ohashi, Koya, Kohoku, Nishiaraidaishi-nishi, Yazaike, Toneri-koen, Toneri and Minumadai-shinsuikoen.

Nishi-Nippori Station is also on the Chiyoda Line of the Tokyo subway which connects with Shin-Ochanomizu Station in Kanda, Otemachi, Hibiya, Kasumigaseki and on to fashionable Omotesando in western Tokyo.

There are taxis and bus stops outside the busy station entrance and a number of cheap cafes and restaurants, including a branch of McDonalds in the area under the elevated tracks and on the narrow side streets radiating out from the station.

Nishi Nippori Station, Tokyo.
Nishi Nippori Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Nishi Nippori Station, Nippori.
Nishi Nippori Station, Tokyo.

Nishi Nippori Station is close to the historic Yanagi-Sendagi area of Tokyo - just walk up the hill left from the main exit of the station.

Hotels in the area include the Weekly Mansion Nippori P1 and the Hotel Lungwood.

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