Ochanomizu Station

Ochanomizu Station, Tokyo 御茶ノ水駅

Ochanomizu Station East Exit, JR Chuo-Sobu Line, Bunkyo ward, Tokyo, Japan.
East Exit of Ochanomizu Station, JR Chuo-Sobu Line, Tokyo

Ochanomizu Station on the JR Chuo-Sobu Line is located in the east of central Tokyo in the Kanda area, on the south bank of the Kanda River.

Ochanomizu Station is a short ride from Tokyo Station on the Chuo Line (just two stops and only four minutes).

Three Tokyo subway lines provide access to Ochanomizu Station, even if not directly connected to it:
-the Chiyoda Line at its own Shin-Ochanomizu Station just opposite the Hijiribashi Exit of the JR Ochanomizu Station
-the Marunouchi Line with its entrance north of the Kanda River
-the Shinjuku Line at Ogawamachi Station, which connects with Shin-Ochanomizu Station via an underground walkway.

Ochanomizu Station also connects with the Tokyo bus network at the Ochanomizu-bashi Exit with bus #43 running to Tokyo Station's Marunouchi North Exit, Hongo 3-chome Station, Tabata Station and Kohoku Station. Buses to Tokyo University run past the Hijiribashi Exit.

The JR Station has two exits: the Ochanomizubashi Exit at the western end of the station and the smaller Hijiribashi Exit. Turn left out of the Hijiribashi Exit for the Confucian temple Yushima Seido and right for the Orthodox Christian Nikolai-do Holy Resurrection Cathedral.

Ochanomizu Station, Tokyo
Ochanomizu Station platforms on the south bank of the Kanda River, Hijiribashi Bridge in the distance
Ochanomizu Station, Tokyo.
West Exit of JR Ochanomizu Station
Ochanomizu Station, Tokyo.
East Exit of JR Ochanomizu Station
Shin-Ochanomizu Station, Tokyo.
Shin-ochanomizu Station exit, Chiyoda Subway
Ochanomizu Station, Tokyo.
Bus serving Ochanomizu Station, Tokyo

Around Ochanomizu Station

Ochanomizu Station is very close to the Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Yushima Seido, Kanda Myojin, the Japan Football Museum, Tokyo Medical & Dental University, the Tokyo Medical & Dental University Hospital and the Akihabara electronics area.

Hotels near Ochanomizu Station include the Hotel Tokyo Garden Palace, the Ochanomizu Inn and Hotel Mystays Ochanomizu Akihabara.

The street between the Hijiribashi and Ochanomizubashi exits is lined with restaurants and cafes popular with students from the numerous universities nearby and local workers.

Ochanomizu Station, Tokyo
Sobu Line Train at Ochanomizu Station Platform

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