Shijo Kawaramachi Station

Shijo Kawaramachi Station Kyoto 四条河原町駅

Shijo Kawaramachi Station, Kyoto.

Shijo Kawamachi Station in central Kyoto is one of Kyoto city's busiest stations and shopping areas.

The Osaka-bound Hankyu Line begins here for Umeda Station in Osaka, which connects with the Midosuji Line of Osaka Subway.

Across the Kamo River, at Shijo Keihan Station, you can travel to Osaka's Yodoyabashi Station on the Keihan Main Line.

Shijo Kawamachi Station lies at the heart of Kyoto's main shopping and tourist area at the intersection of the north-south Kawaramachi dori and the east-west Shijo dori.

The station connects with Takashimaya and Hankyu department stores by underground passageways and is a recognised meeting place for people in Kyoto - just let your friends know outside which department store you wish to meet up. Takashimaya is on the west side of Kawaramachi dori and Hankyu department store on the east side.

Shijo Kawaramachi Station, Kyoto.
Shijo Kawaramachi Station, Kyoto.
Takashimaya Department Store, Shijo Kawaramachi Station, Kyoto.

From Shijo Kawaramachi Station it is a short walk west to the Nishiki food market, the Random Walk English bookshop, Fujii-Daimaru Department store, Vivre, Loft and the covered arcades of Teramachi and Shinkyogoku - great for souvenirs, clothes shops and cheap eateries.

Walking east are the Minamiza Kabuki Theater, Pontocho, Gion Kaikan, Yasaka Jinja and Maruyama Park in the Gion area of Kyoto.

Other outlets in the Shijo Kawaramachi area include McDonalds, Starbucks, OPA and BAL as well as a number of traditional souvenir shops and convenience stores. The area is packed with places to eat and drink.

Reasonable hotels in Kyoto near Shijo Kawaramachi include Kyoto Central Inn (Tel: 075 211 1666) and Hotel Unizo Kyoto (Tel: 075 241 3351).

Local Kyoto buses which stop at Shijo Kawaramachi include the numbers #4, #5, #10, #11, #17, #32, #59, #205.

Shijo Kawaramachi Station, Kyoto.
Shinkyogoku Arcade, Shijo Kawaramachi Station, Kyoto.

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