Japanese Castles A-Z

Japanese Castles A- Z 日本の城

Japanese Castles.

This list of Japanese castles includes the name of the castle, the prefecture where the castle is located in Japan and the first year of construction of the castle if known, if the construction date is unknown, an approximation is given.

Follow the links to find more information and photographs of each castle. Each entry includes the history of the castle, its design and special features. There is also information on getting to each Japanese castle by private car or public transport, hours and admission fees.

This list of Japanese castles is by no means exhaustive and we welcome suggestions for more Japanese castles, castle ruins and Japanese castle replicas to be added and photographs from readers. Full accreditation for your Japanese castle guide will be given.

Imabari Castle, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan.
A view of the walls, moats and castle buildings of Imabari Castle

Japanese Castles

Notes on the Castles

* Also known as Tsuruga Castle
** Also known as Aoba Castle

Books on Japanese Castles

Recommended books on Japanese castles are the beautifully illustrated hardcover Castles of the Samurai by Jennifer Mitchelhill and the knowledgeable paperback Japanese Castles 1540-1640 by Stephen Turnbull.

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