Hamada Castle Shimane

Japanese Castles: Hamada Castle

Hamada Castle 浜田城

Little now remains of Hamada Castle the ruins of which stand on a hill overlooking the town of Hamada on the northern coast of Shimane Prefecture.

Built in 1620 by Yoshida Shigeharu, Hamada Castle, was known as Kameyama Castle. Control of the castle passed from the Yoshida clan to the Mitsui branch of the Matsudaira, then to the Honda clan and back again to the Matsudaira.

Hamada Castle was destroyed by its lord in 1866 to stop it falling into the hands of the advancing anti-Bakufu forces from Choshu. He then committed suicide.

All that remains are the gate and the stone walls and foundations, but there are fine views over the town and harbor, and is popular particularly during the cherry blossom season.

The original castle had a three-tier donjon, which was around 14-15m tall and two other buildings, one of which served as a residence.

Around 200 stone steps ascend up to the summit of the hill and the original position of the donjon is marked by a stone memorial.

Hamada Castle, Shimane, Japan.
This impressive wooden gate still remains at Hamada Castle in Shimane Prefecture
Hamada Castle, Shimane, South West, Japan.
The stone walls and stone steps leading to Hamada Castle in Shimane Prefecture

Hamada Castle Access

Hamada Castle is about 20 minutes on foot from JR Hamada Station.

Hamada Castle.
The ruins of Hamada Castle remain an evocative sight

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