Matsushiro Castle

Japanese Castle Guides: Matsushiro Castle 松代城

Matsushiro Castle, Nagano.

Matsushiro Castle in the delightful town of Matsushiro in Nagano Prefecture is a very pretty, reconstructed flatland castle.

Matsushiro Castle was originally known as Kaizu Castle, and was built on the orders of Takeda Shingen and the Takeda clan, with the actual construction work carried out by one of their most loyal retainers - Kousaka Danjo - from 1558-1560.

In 1622 Matsushiro Castle was appropriated by the Sanada family, who became the feudal lords of the Shinano area until the end of the Edo Period in 1868.

Matsushiro Castle was destroyed by fire in 1872, sparing only the stone walls, but the main gates and some of the turrets were painstakingly restored in 2004. The surrounding park is known for its cherry trees in spring. Matsushiro Castle is a short walk, turning right out of Matsushiro Station and admission is free.

Matsushiro Castle.
Matsushiro Castle
Matsushiro Castle Walls.
Matsushiro Castle
Beautiful Matsushiro Castle, Nagano Prefecture.
Matsushiro Castle

Matsushiro Castle

44 Matsushiro
Tel: 026 278 1186
Admission free
Matsushiro Castle Map

Matsushiro Castle.
Matsushiro Castle is an good example of a modern reconstructed flatland castle

Matsushiro Castle Access

Matsushiro Castle is a short walk from Matsushiro Station, which is on the local Nagano Dentetsu Line from Nagano.

To Nagano there are JR express Shinano trains from Nagoya (2 hours, 45 minutes) and Osaka (5 hours). Nagano shinkansen trains run twice hourly from Tokyo Station (1 hour, 20 mins).

Matsushiro is very compact and a short walk from the castle are other Edo Period buildings including the Former Sanada Residence, the Sanada Treasure Museum and the Old School for the Literary & Military Arts (Bunbu Gakko). There are a number of places to stay in Matsushiro with a greater choice in nearby Nagano city. See here for a complete hotel listing in Nagano.

Matsushiro Castle walls.
Matsushiro Castle
Matsushiro Castle main entrance, Nagano.
Matsushiro Castle

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