Nebuta-no-Sato ねぶたの里

Nebuta-no-Sato, Aomori.

Nebuta-no-Sato closed its doors in 2013 due to a lack of visitors

The Nebuta-no-Sato (Nebuta Village) was located a little way out of Aomori city in beautiful, wooded countryside. Even if you have seen the Wa Rasse Nebuta Museum back in town, it is well-worth taking a bus, hire car or a tour out to this lovely site.

The walk from the car park at Nebuta-no-Sato brings you past a number of traditional wooden shops selling souvenirs, handicrafts and, of course, Aomori's signature apples. After entering the Nebuta-no-Sato park proper you will see a taiko drum and a very large, darkened, wooden building on your left which houses a number of Nebuta festival floats, slowly revolving on their stands, accompanied by background festival music and, it must be said, some rather annoying announcements played on a loop.

Nebuta-no-Sato also has paper figures made in the Nebuta style of some recent Japanese characters such as Anpanman and Pikkuchu as well as a large Amida Buddha. There is also a display of a float from the rival Neputa Festival in nearby Hirosaki.

Each day features a show when visitors can experience and take part in the dancing and pulling the floats. Craftsmen and woman demonstrate local crafts which can be bought from the several souvenir stalls.

The surrounding park features a statue of the Nebuta Festival Kannon and several small shrines containing Buddha images. There is also a large restaurant serving local Aomori specialties for lunch.

Nebuta Village entrance, Aomori.
Nebuta-no-Sato entrance
Nebuta Village souvenirs, Aomori.
Bamboo taketombo
Nebuta Festival Aomori.
Nebuta float at Nebuta-no-Sato, Aomori, Aomori Prefecture

Access - Getting to Nebuta-no-Sato

Tel: 017 738 1230
Admission: 630 yen for adults

JR and Shiei buses from Aomori Station make the journey out past Nebuta-no-Sato. Ask the driver to drop you off on the road near the car park.

Nebuta float at Nebuta-no-Sato, Aomori.
Nebuta float at Nebuta-no-Sato (Nebuta Village), Aomori
Nebuta float, Nebuta Village, Aomori.
Nebuta float at Nebuta-no-Sato, Aomori Prefecture

Maps of Aomori

Map of Aomori
Map of Nebuta-no-Sato

Nebuta-no-Sato Video

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