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Information on working in Japan and current job vacancies

Work in Japan.

Japan Job Search

Search available Japan job vacancies in teaching, IT and finance on a one-stop customized employment search engine.

Japan Jobs Board

Japan Jobs Board Find current jobs in Japan, upload your resume, receive a twice weekly jobs' email on our Japan Jobs Board.

Find A Job in Japan

Read an overview of finding employment in Japan.

Teaching in Japan

Find out about the JET program and ALT teaching in Japan.

TEFL Jobs in Japan

Practical tips for finding a teaching job in Japan.

Japan Job Agencies

Find job agencies & recruitment agencies in Japan.

Japan Classifieds

Jobs are advertised in the classifieds sections of English language newspapers and magazines in Japan.

Resumes in Japan

Practical advice on how to produce a better CV for job applications in Japan.

Interviewing in Japan

Tips on what to do and what not to do in interviews in Japan.

Japan Jobs On Twitter

How to use the free social networking and microblogging service Twitter to find employment in Japan

Working in a Japanese Company

Tips for success for working in a Japanese company.

Culture Shock in Japan

Learn how to overcome culture shock in Japan once you start living and working here.

General Union

The General Union belongs to a confederation of labor unions called Zenrokyo (National Trade Union Council) and provides employment support and information on new jobs.

Living In Japan

All you need to know for living in Japan: alien registration, visas, opening a bank account, driving, schooling, getting married, finding an apartment etc.

Japan Employment.
Working in Japan.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a valuable qualification for finding work in Japan.

Japanese Universities

See a listing by prefecture of both national and private universities in Japan.

International Schools

International schools are found all over Japan and provide employment for teachers in many disciplines.

Japan Visas

Once you've found a job, you'll need a visa to work in Japan. Find out about the different types of Japan visas.

Embassies in Japan

Your country's embassy is a valuable means of support during your stay in Japan.

Books on Japan

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