Japan Jobs on Twitter

Japan Jobs on Twitter

How to find a job on Twitter

Find Japan jobs on Twitter.

Twitter is an ideal medium for dispensing and finding employment information online.

The short 140 character format including a shortened url is ideal for employers and agencies to send out the basic essentials of a position, allowing the job seeker to click on the link to find out further information.

The real time nature of Twitter also means that the job information should be up-to-date and not a position that has already been filled.

Users can access Twitter on a PC, via a video game console or SMS on a mobile phone. You can also access Twitter through more than 50,000 third-party Internet and mobile applications.

Japan jobs on Twitter

Twitter Job Sites

We do not endorse any of these third party sites (except our own of course!) but here is a list of some of the main Japan job sites on Twitter, ESL teaching sites and some Twitter jobs sites from other countries, including China & Korea.

Jobs in Japan


Japanese Jobs in the USA

TEFL World


ESL Assembly

JET Programme Canada

JET Program USA

UK Jet Programme

Teach Overseas

Hong Kong Banking Jobs

Jobs In China

Jobs Seoul

JobsnJapan *no current updates

Jobs Tokyo *no current updates

Jobs on Twitter

If you know of any other good jobs resources on Twitter please do not hesitate to contact us or recommend a particular Twitter page.

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