Takaragaike Lake

Takaragaike Lake 宝ヶ池

Takaragaike Lake is a pleasant man-made irrigation lake in northern Kyoto, close to Iwakura, dating from the 18th century.

Takaragaike was built to provide a ready supply of water for the area's rice fields during the Edo Period of Japanese history.

Now Takaragaike draws visitors for its pleasure-boating on paddle boats, the 1,500m jogging and walking track around the lake shore and the dramatic views of Mount Hiei to the north east.

Takaragaike Lake, Kyoto.
Takaragaike Lake, Kyoto
Takaragaike Lake, Kyoto.
Takaragaike Lake, Kyoto

Wooden gazebos are dotted here and there around the lake for views over the water and of the cherry-blossoms in season.

At the northern end of Takaragaike is the Kyoto International Conference Center (Tel: 075 705 1234), built in 1996, where the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change was negotiated in 1997 and the luxury Kyoto Grand Prince Hotel is located.

Various walking paths branch out into the wooded hills surrounding Takaragaike and it is possible to walk through the cedar trees from the southern end of the lake back to Shugakuin Station on the Eizan Line to catch a train to Demachiyanagi.

Your path will take you past the minor temples of Yusenji and Myoenji before you arrive at Kitayama Dori and cross the bridge over the Takano River to Shugakuin.

Takaragaike Lake, Kyoto.
"Estampida" by Jorge de la Peña, Takaragaike Lake, Kyoto, gifted by Kyoto's sister city, Guadalajara, Mexico.
Takaragaike Lake, Kyoto.
View of Takaragaike Lake & Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto

Takaragaike Access

From Kyoto Station take a Kyoto subway to Kokusaikaikan and then a short walk south west or get off at Matsugasaki Station (the stop before) and then a short walk north east.

Alternatively take the Eiden train from Demachiyanagi Station to Shugakuin Station and walk west along Kitayama Dori and then north on Takaragaike Dori.

Kyoto buses #北8 and #4 run to Matsugasaki Station.

Nearby Takaragaike

Entsuji Temple is about 1 km north-west of Takagaike, and Jissoin Temple in the Iwakura district of Kyoto is about 2 km north of Takaragaike.

Takaragaike Lake, Kyoto, Japan.
Kyoto International Conference Center, Takaragaike Lake, Kyoto

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