Tokugawa Garden

Nagoya Gardens: Tokugawa-en

Tokugawa Garden 徳川園

The Tokugawa Garden (Tokugawa-en) in Nagoya is situated adjacent to the Tokugawa Art Museum and can be visited separately or with a combined ticket to the museum.

History of Tokugawa-en

The Tokugawa Garden was laid out in 1695 as a retirement villa for Mitsutomo, Lord of the Owari Tokugawa. Originally the garden was 44 hectares in area and the lake was said to be large enough to accommodate a 16-oar boat.

The still large Ryusenko Lake forms the strolling garden's centerpiece, which is also noted for its dramatic waterfalls, perfectly-placed rock formations, delicate wooden bridges, a samurai tea house, restaurant and its peonies and irises, which are best viewed in April and June respectively.

The Seikotei levee recalls the Sei (West) Lake in Hangzhou, China and shows the Tokugawa family's interest in foreign exotica and artistic forms.

Visitors can enter through the wooden Kuro-mon (Black Gate) which survived American bombing during World War II and dates from 1900.

After Mitsutomo's death, the garden was given to the families of the Owari Tokugawa's chief retainers, namely the Ichiko, Naruse and Watabane clans.

The Tokugawa Garden was destroyed in World War II and only opened as a Japanese garden again in 2004.

Tokugawa-en, Nagoya
The central pond at the Tokugawa Garden in Nagoya
Tokugawa Garden was laid out in 1695 as a retirement villa for Mitsutomo, Lord of the wealthy Owari Tokugawa

Access - how to get to Tokugawa-en

Tokugawa Garden
1001 Tokugawa-cho
Tel: 052 935 8988
Hours: 10am-5.30pm, closed Monday.
Admission: Adults 300 yen.

From Ozone Station on the Meijo Line of the Nagoya subway and JR Line, walk south about 10 or 15 minutes. Alternatively take a bus from Sakae Bus Station at Oasis 21 bay #3 to Hikiyama or Shiken-ya and alight at Tokugawa-en Shindeki. Meitetsu buses from Nagoya Station also go to the same bus stop.

Tokugawa Garden is close to Nagoya Dome, the home venue of the Chunichi Dragons baseball team. From Ozone Station ride the Meijo Line of the Nagoya subway to Meijo Koen for Nagoya Castle, City Hall and the entertainment and shopping area of Sakae. To see another of Nagoya's top sites stay on the Meijo Line until Jingu Nishi for Atsuta Shrine.

Tokugawa-en in Nagoya, central Japan
The Tokugawa-en can be visited throughout the year but spring and fall are particularly popular
Waterfall, Tokugawa-en
A waterfall at the Tokugawa Garden; streams, ponds and waterfalls are central features of this delightful strolling garden

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