Coin Lockers At Kyoto Station

Japan Train Stations: Kyoto Station Coin Lockers

Kyoto Station Coin Lockers コインロッカー

There is a big demand for coin lockers and luggage storage in and around Kyoto Station in downtown Kyoto city.

You may be passing through Kyoto for just a few hours or visiting nearby Osaka, Kobe or Nara and wish to store your luggage for a time.

Coin lockers at Hachijoguji Exit, Kyoto Station, Kyoto.
Coin lockers at Hachijoguchi Exit, Kyoto Station
Coin lockers at Kyoto Station, Kyoto.
Coin locker room at Kyoto Station, Kyoto opposite Kyo Navi

Coin Locker Sizes & Prices

On the whole the coin lockers at Kyoto Station come in 3 sizes priced at 300 yen (316mm×355mm×575mm), 500 yen (843mm×355mm×575mm) and 700 yen (1200×355×575mm). The 300 yen size is fine for a ruck sack or small bag, the 500 yen will take a small suitcase that would fit in an overhead locker on an airplane while the 700 yen size is suitable for a large suitcase or golf bag.

Luggage storage at Kansai Tourist Information Center, Kyoto.
Luggage storage at Kansai Tourist Information Center on the 3F of Kyoto Tower
Coin lockers at Hachijoguji, Kyoto Station, Kyoto.
Coin lockers room at the Hachijoguchi Exit of Kyoto Station, Kyoto

Coin Locker Locations In & Around Kyoto Station

On the main concourse leading to the train platforms on the second floor of Kyoto Station just across from the Kyoto Tourist Office (Kyo Navi; Tel 075 343 0548; 8.30am-7pm) is a room full of coin lockers, though they are often full. You may have to wait or choose another location.

There are more coin lockers outside the Hachijoguchi Exit (near the Shinkansen tracks and the Kintetsu Station). There is a bank of lockers here close to the Harves food store.

There are also coin lockers at the Main Chuo Exit as well as opposite the main ticket gates and ticket office on the second floor. There are more lockers close to the entrance to the Kyoto Theater.

If you have large pieces of luggage or the coin lockers are full try the baggage storage and luggage forwarding services at the Kansai Tourist Information Center on the 3F of Kyoto Tower opposite the main exit of Kyoto Station. Baggage storage is 500 yen per day often reduced on special offer to 300 yen.

There is also a Baggage Room (荷物一時預り所) on the B1 floor of Kyoto Station. This is open from 8am-8pm daily and charges 420 yen per day for each piece of luggage from 1-4 days.

For luggage storage from 5-15 days the charge is 840 yen per day per item. The limit is 30kg per piece of luggage no larger than 2m. Valuable goods such as computers or dangerous articles are not accepted.

You can also have your luggage forwarded from here to a hotel in Kyoto or another destination in Japan for a fee. See here for further details.

In the Porta Underground Shopping Mall with access from Kyoto subway there are more coin lockers priced 300 yen, 500 yen and 600 yen. You can also enter Porta from just outside Kyoto Station or on the Kyoto Tower side of Shiokoji Dori.

There are usually 300 yen and 500 yen coin lockers in the subway stations in Kyoto. The nearest subway station north of Kyoto Station on the Karasuma Line is Gojo and the nearest subway station south is Kujo, handy for Toji Temple and its flea market on the 21st of the month. The farther away you travel from Kyoto Station the more likely you are to find a free locker.

Coin lockers at Imadegawa subway stationi, Kyoto Station, Kyoto.
Coin lockers room at Imadegawa subway station, Kyoto

Using a Coin Locker

Coin lockers in Japan usually take 100 yen coins and there is likely a change machine handling 1,000 yen notes nearby. (Try not to ask nearby shops for change.) Open the door (if there is still a key in the lock) and place your luggage inside. Then enter the coins to the correct amount and turn the key.

The number of the locker is on your key. When you return to reclaim your luggage turn the key clockwise. Any additional charges will register on the display above the coin slot. In Tokyo and the Tokyo metropolitan area it is possible to pay for a coin locker using a Suica or Pasmo IC card.

  • Coin lockers can usually be used only for 3 days; after that your luggage is transferred to another place and may be disposed of after 30 days
  • Charges are for one day from the time you use the locker expiring at midnight or 2am
  • There is a fee if you lose your key!
Coin lockers at Kyoto Station, Kyoto.
Using a coin locker in Japan

Useful Coin Locker Resources

There are a number of sites in Japanese (use Google translate) for finding coin lockers at Kyoto Station:

Try: (prices out of date)

Suitcases & Coin Lockers

Coin lockers at Kyoto Station, Kyoto.
Coin lockers at Kyoto Station, Kyoto

Hotels Near Kyoto Station

The area around Kyoto Station both around the north Central and south Hachijoguchi exits has a number of hotels, many of them catering to tour parties for schools.

Our recommended hotels near Kyoto Station include: the New Miyako Hotel and the Hotel Keihan Kyoto at the Hachijoguchi exit and the Kyoto Century Hotel and the Hotel Hokke Club near Kyoto Tower. The Rihga Royal Hotel is a short walk west towards Umekoji.

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