Kintetsu Nara Station

Japan Train Stations: Kintetsu Nara Station

Kintetsu Nara Station 近鉄奈良駅

Kintetsu Nara Station in Nara, is one of the two main stations in Nara city, the other being JR Nara Station. Kintetsu Nara Station is located on Omiya Dori which runs down to Kofukuji and the temples and shrines of Nara Park.

Kintetsu Nara Station, Nara, Kansai, Japan.
Kintetsu Nara Station

Rail connections from Kintetsu Nara Station

Kintetsu Nara Station is the terminal station of the Kintetsu Nara Line to Namba, Uehommachi and Tsuruhashi in Osaka. The Kintetsu Kyoto Line connects Nara with Kyoto Station via Yamato-Saidaiji and Tambabashi. The Kintetsu Kyoto Line continues on the Karasuma Line of the Kyoto subway to Kokusaikaikan.

Passengers traveling east to Nagoya, Ise and Toba, Matsusaka, Tsu and Kuwana change at Yamato-Saidaiji and Yamatoyagi.

To get to Toshodaiji and Yakushi Temple change at Yamato-Saidaiji and take the Kintetsu Kashihara Line to Nishinokyo Station. The Kashihara Line from Yamato-Saidaiji connects to Kashiharajingu-mae.

Kintetsu Nara Station, Kansai, Japan.
Kintetsu Nara Station Building

The Higashimuki covered arcade or shotengai connects Omiya and Sanjo streets beginning at Kintetsu Nara Station. The arcade is a lively place to shop for souvenirs or dine out.

There are a number of popular stores specializing in Nara's arts and crafts including tabi boots and socks at Tabi-ji (Tel: 0742 26 3588), kimono and green tea.

Kintetsu Nara Station, Nara, Kansai, Japan.
Kintetsu Nara Station with statue of the monk Gyoki and fountain, a common meeting place in the city

Buses From Kintetsu Nara Station

Kintetsu Nara Station is a major hub for both Nara Kotsu local buses and long-distance highway buses.

Bus stops are located on the north and south sides of Omiya Street where the station is located.

On the north side, Nara City Loop Line Bus #2, the Inner Loop Bus #6, #70, #72, #97 and #160 run to Nara Park, Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine. The Nara City Loop Line Bus #2 and the Inner Loop Bus #6 are handy for Naramachi and Gangoji Temple. All these buses stop at bus stop number 1. From bus stop number 3 the #50, #51, #53, #82 and #92 go to Gangoji and Naramachi. From bus stop 13 the #12 and #13 buses go west to the Heijo Palace Site and Daigokuden Hall. The Kintetsu Nara Bus Information Center is on this side as is the Meitetsu bus stop for Nagoya. The Kintetsu Nara Bus Information Center is open from 8.30am-8pm on weekdays and 8.30am-7pm on weekends and public holidays.

From the south side of Omiya Street the Nara City Loop Line Bus #1 goes to Nara JR Station from bus stop 9. From bus stop 8 catch the #70 #72 and #97 buses to Yakushiji, Toshodaiji and Horyuji Temple. From bus stop 11, the #160 bus connects to Heijo Palace Site and Suzakumon Gate.

Kintetsu Nara Station Tourist Information Center is located in the Nara Kintetsu Building and is open from 9am-9pm; 28 Higashimukinaka; Tel: 0742 24 4858

Kintetsu Nara Station, Kansai, Japan.
Bus outside Kintetsu Nara Station
Kintetsu Nara Station, Nara, Kansai, Japan.
Higashimuki shotengai covered arcade, Kintetsu Nara Station

Around Kintetsu Nara Station

There are plenty of places to shop and eat out around Kintetsu Nara Station and the arcades and streets running north and south from here make up the main shopping and dining area in Nara.

The main arcade streets are Higashimuki shotengai and its basically southern continuation Mochidono Center-gai. Recommended shops in this area include Mafu Okai Nara-ten which specializes in beautiful hemp bags and Ikeda Gankodo for folding fans and Nara-style round fans. Imanishi Honten specializes in traditional Nara pickles or tsukemono. Various vegetables such as gourds, eggplants and cucumbers are pickled for between 3-15 years in sake lees.

Restaurants and bars include Sakura Burger (Tel: 0742 31 3813) on Higashimuki-kita machi north of the station that serves its own classic burgers and Gohan no Aida (Tel: 0742 24 1539 *no reservations) that is open for lunch only - delicious tempura or a rotating lunch set. Momoyoduki (Tel: 0742 24 5158) offers superb hand-made soba noodles a short walk from Exit 5 of Kintetsu Nara Station. Just up the street from Sakura Burger is Maguro Koya (Tel: 0742 23 3766) known for its delicious maguro tuna done in a variety of ways with a menu in English, Chinese and Korean.

Cafe Fluke at 10 Higashimuki-naka machi (Tel: 0742 23 8981) is located in an old Edo Period building serving fusion food influenced by Okinawa, Korea and Hawaii. La Terrasse All Day Dining (Tel: 0742 23 2367) offers Spanish and Italian cuisine and morphs into a wine bar in the evening. Osyaberinakame (Tel: 0742 26 4557) has been in business for over 30 years serving delicious Japanese food.

The Kintetsu Nara Department Store is at Yamato-Saidaiji Station, two stops west by train.

Just to the south east of Kintetsu Nara Station is the delightful Sarusawa Pond, a great place to relax, read or picnic.

Check our Nara map for the locations of these shops and restaurants and other Nara attractions.

Hotels near Kintetsu Nara Station

There are a number of hotels around Kintetsu Nara Station. Places to stay include the Toyoko Inn Nara Kintetsu Eki-mae, Tenpyo Ryokan, a traditional Japanese-style inn, the People's Inn Hanakomichi, the 4-star Kasuga Hotel and the Noborioji Hotel next door, also 4-star. The five star Nara Hotel, Nara's most historic hotel, with over 100 years of history is also just 15 minutes away on foot or a short taxi ride.

Kintetsu Nara Station, Nara, Kansai, Japan.
Higashimuki shotengai, Kintetsu Nara Station
Kintetsu Nara Station, Nara, Kansai, Japan.
School children at Higashimuki shotengai

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