Shin-Kobe Station

JR Shin-Kobe Station, Kobe 新神戸駅

JR Shin-Kobe Station in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture is the shinkansen stop for Sanyo shinkansen trains to Kobe from Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka to Hakata Station in Fukuoka.

Shin-Kobe Station lies north of Sannomiya Station, which is the major transit hub of the city with JR, Hankyu, Hanshin and Port Liner trains all intersecting at the adjacent and interconnected JR Sannomiya and Kobe-Sannomiya stations.

Shin-Kobe Station is connected to Sannomiya Station by the Seishin-Yamate Line of Kobe subway or by local bus.

Shin-Kobe has a Midori-no-madoguchi ticket office, coin lockers, car parking and a car rental office.

JR Shin-Kobe Station.
JR Shin-Kobe Station

Shin-Kobe Station Trains & Connections

The previous stop on the Sanyo Shinkansen is Shin-Osaka. After Shin-Kobe the next two stops are Nishi-Akashi and Himeji.

Besides the Sanyo Shinkansen, Shin-Kobe Station is a stop on the Seishin-Yamate Line of Kobe subway.

Shin-Kobe is also on the Hokushin Line, one stop from Tanigami Station in the Mt. Rokko hills to the north of Kobe. Trains from Tanigami Station run through on the Seishin-Yamate Line.

Tanigami Station connects with the Shintetsu Arima Line to Arima Onsen.

Shin-Kobe Station is located close to the slopes of Mt. Rokko and the Shin-Kobe Ropeway (新神戸ロープウェー), 5 minutes on foot, takes visitors up to Nunobiki Herb Garden and the Nunobiki Waterfall at the middle station then an observation point at the top station with fine day and night views of Kobe city below.

Shin-Kobe Ropeway.
Shin-Kobe Ropeway

Highway Buses From Shin-Kobe Station

There are highway buses and limousine buses running from Shin-Kobe Station to other towns and cities throughout Japan. These buses often call next at Sannomiya Station.

These include buses to Tokushima in Shikoku with the bus departing Kobe Airport before calling at Sannomiya and then Shin-Kobe,

Shin-Kobe Bus Terminal is just outside the main exit of the station.

Shin-Kobe Station is also a stop for local Kobe buses.

Attractions near Shin-Kobe Station

Shinkobe Oriental Avenue is a shopping and dining complex near the station.

Nunobiki Falls, a source of clear Kobe water, is a series of four waterfalls that have appeared in Japanese literature. The highest is 43m tall. They can be hiked in around 15-20 minutes from Shin-Kobe Station or reached by walking down from the Middle Station of the Shin-Kobe Ropeway after visiting Nunobiki Herb Garden.

Nunobiki Herb Garden claims to be Japan's largest herb garden with 75,000 plants from 200 varieties of herb. The garden has 14 sections arranged in different themes such as the Oriental Garden, Rose Symphony Garden, Four Seasons Garden and English Garden.

Shin-Kobe Station is also very close to Kitano-cho, an area of Meiji Period Western-style residences which are now fashionable museums, art galleries and cafes.

Hotels near Shin-Kobe Station

The four-star ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe is adjacent to Shin-Kobe station and is a tower with fine views of Kobe city from some of its rooms. Isago Kobe is another hotel a few minutes walk from the station as are Sun Members Kobe and Green Hill Hotel Kobe.

Shin-Kobe Map

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