Jorakuji Temple

Japan Temples & Shrines: Jorakuji 常楽寺

Jorakuji Temple, which means "Everlasting Peace Temple", is number 14 on the 88 Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage. Only a little over 2 kilometers from the previous temple, Dainichiji and 73 kilometers from the start of the pilgrimage, it is one of five pilgrimage temples clustered close together near Tokushima city that can be visited easily in a half day for those wishing to experience a taste of the pilgrimage.

Jorakuji, number 14 on the 88 Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage.
Approach to Jorakuji temple with the bell tower on the left
Jorakuji Temple, Shikoku.
Pilgrims gather at the main hall of Jorakuji Temple

Jorakuji History

When Kobo Daishi was 42 he spent time here and had a vision of Miroku Bosatsu, the Japanese name for Maitreya , the Future Buddha who will appear in the far future. He carved a statue of Miroku and founded the temple. This is the only temple on the pilgrimage that has Miroku as the honzon (main image).

The most noticeable and unusual thing about the temple is the ground it is built upon - there is not a flat place to be found. It is built upon an uneven surface of partly jagged rock that must be climbed over to reach the halls.

In front of the main hall is a huge Yew tree, 8 meters high, and it is reputed that drinking a tea made from its leaves and praying to the honzen will cure diabetes.

The temple is also very popular for people who are impaired. According to a legend a wife carried her impaired husband around the pilgrimage circuit a total of five times.

As they started the sixth circuit they vowed that if the husband was not healed on this time around they would commit suicide together. When they reached Jorakuji the husband was miraculously healed and they completed the pilgrimage with both of them walking.

The uneven ground at Jorakuji Temple, Shikoku.
Built on an uneven surface of rock, the courtyard of Jorakuji Temple, Shikoku
Statue in the grounds of Jorakuji Temple, Shikoku.
Statue in the grounds of Jorakuji Temple

Jorakuji Temple Access

606 Kokufu-cho Enmei
Tokushima 779-3128
Tel: 0886 42 0471

Jorakuji Temple, Tokushima, Shikoku.
The large tree in front of the main hall is a yew tree whose leaves are said to cure diabetes

Jorakuji is a 5 minute walk from the Jorakuji-mae bus stop on buses from Tokushima Station heading to Yorii-naka.

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