Jurakuji Temple

Japan Temples & Shrines: Jurakuji Temple, Tokushima 十楽寺

The 7th temple on the 88 temple Shikoku Pilgrimage, Jurakuji Temple in Tokushima Prefecture, is 17 kilometers from the start of the pilgrimage at Ryozenji, and a mere kilometer from temple number 6, Anrakuji. Like Anrakuji, Jurakuji is fronted by a Chinese style gate and has a shukubo, temple accommodations for pilgrims.

Believed to be founded by Kobo Daishi who gave the temple its name, which refers to the 10 pleasures or joys to be had in paradise.

Entrance to Jurakuji Temple in Awa, Tokushima, Shikoku.
Entrance to Jurakuji Temple in Awa, Tokushima
Main Hall of Jurakuji Temple, built in the Meiji Period, Shikoku.
Main Hall of Jurakuji Temple, Shikoku, built in the Meiji Period

The honzon, the main statue of the temple, is also attributed to Kobo Daishi and is of Amida Nyorai. Like many honzon it is a "secret Buddha" and is rarely shown in public.

Jurakuji History

In earlier times the temple was a much larger complex of buildings but as is seemingly common in this area it was burned down and blamed on the warlord Chosokabe.

The current main hall dates back to the Meiji Period (1868-1912), and contains a couple of statues that are dated to the Kamakura Period (1185-1333).

There are many statues throughout the grounds, notably a statue of Jizo Bosatsu that people pray to for relief from eye problems.

After passing through the gate you will see a large group of Jizo statues, all wearing red bibs and most holding children's windmills. These are Mizuko Jizo, memorializing dead babies, mostly the result of abortions. Ubiquitous throughout Japan they are a post-war tradition.

The lodgings at the temple, Komyokaikan, is actually a modern hotel with both tatami/futon and western style rooms with beds and en suite toilet and bathroom.

The lodgings include Wifi, washing machines, vending machines and standard hotel facilities such as A/C, TV, fridge etc.

A single room with no meals is 6,500 yen, with two meals 8,500 yen, and a little cheaper per person, if shared.

Mizuko Jizo at Jurakuji Temple.
Mizuko Jizo at Jurakuji Temple, Tokushima, Shikoku
Statue of Aizen Myo at Jurakuji Temple, Shikoku.
Statue of Aizen Myo at Jurakuji Temple, Shikoku

Jurakuji Temple Access

Jurakuji Temple
58 Donari-cho-takao, Awa city
Tokushima 771-1509
Tel: 0886 95 2150

Jurakuji is a 20 minute walk from the Higashihara bus stop for buses bound for Kajiyahara from Tokushima Station or Itano Station, the same bus stop as for Anrakuji.

One of the many statues in the grounds of Jurakuji Temple.
One of the many statues in the grounds of Jurakuji Temple, Shikoku

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