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Kyoto Temples & Shrines: Koshoji

Koshoji Temple 興正寺

Koshoji Temple (興正寺) in Kyoto, not to be confused with Koshoji (興聖寺) in Uji, is located right on the southern edge of Nishi-Honganji Temple near Kyoto Station on Horikawa Street opposite the Ryukoku Museum. Koshoji and Nishi-Honganji temples are so close most visitors think they are one and the same and both temples share the same moat that runs around their walls.

Indeed the two temples are related and are both Jodo-Shinshu sect temples but with slight differences, not readily apparent to non-Jodo-Shinshu followers.

Koshoji History

Koshoji grew out of a split in the Bukkoji Temple (now located south east of Shijo Karasuma), when Rennyo (1415-1499), known as the "Restorer" of Jodo-Shinshu, took over control of Honganji and one of his followers at Bukkoji Temple, Kyogo (d. 1490) founded Koshoji next to the Honganji Temple.

Koshoji is on the same large scale as its near neighbor and has a shukubo or temple lodging and a study room available for its followers.

Visitors enter through the Sanmon Gate and face the large Goei-do Hall with the smaller Amida-do to the right. Both buildings date from the early 20th century. The oldest building in the complex is the Kyozo, built in 1848.

Koshoji Temple, Kyoto.
Koshoji Temple stands just to the south of Nishi-Honganji
Koshoji Temple, Kyoto, Japan.
The Goei-do hall at Koshoji was built in 1912 and is 28m in height

Access - how to get to Koshoji Temple in Kyoto

Koshoji is a 10-minute walk or short cycle northeast of Kyoto Station or take any of buses #9, #28, #205, #207 or #208 to the Nishi-Honganji-mae bus stop.

Koshoji Temple
Horikawa Shichijo agaru
Tel: 075 371 0075
Google map of Koshoji

Sanmon Gate, Koshoji Temple, Kyoto, Japan.
The impressive Sanmon Gate at Koshoji Temple on Horikawa, Kyoto

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