Kurodani Temple

Kurodani Temple 黒谷

Kurodani Temple.

A short walk south from Shinnyodo Temple, Kurodani Temple (Konkai-komyoji 金戒光明寺) is a large Jodo-sect temple complex with some impressively large gates and halls.

Constructed in 1175, the main hall contains a statue of the founder Honen. Damaged by fire on numerous occasions, the Buddha Hall was rebuilt by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1605.

Another treasure is an image of Monju Bosatsu, believed to be by the noted Kamakura Era sculptor Unkei (1151-1223).

The historic cemetery to east contains the graves of Aizu clan warriors, who were stationed on the temple grounds during the final days of the Edo Period, and later killed at the Battle of Fushimi-Toba. From the cemetery there are views over the city below.

If you arrive around sunset, chanting can often be heard in the hall to the east of the main hall.

Kurodani Temple, Kyoto, Japan.
Kurodani Temple, Kyoto, Japan
Kurodani Temple.
Kurodani Temple, Kyoto, Japan

The temple grounds have a number of sub-temples and the main gate to the south is particularly impressive in scale.

The Saiunin Temple is one such sub-temple and contains a rock upon which Honen is supposed to have seen an auspicious purple cloud, leading to the establishment of the Kurodani Temple on this spot. The rock is known as Shiunseki (lit. "Purple Cloud Rock").

Kurodani Temple.
Kurodani Temple, Kyoto, Japan
Kurodani Temple.
Kurodani Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Kurodani Access

Walk west from the Higashi Tenno-cho bus stop on Marutamachi or south from Shinnyodo, on the east side of Yoshidayama.
Kurodani Temple (in Japanese)
Tel: 075 771 2204
121 Kurodani-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

Kurodani is close to Okazaki Jinja to the south, the Sen-oku Hakukokan Museum along Marutamachi to the east and the Kyoto Handicraft Center, Heian Jingu and Shogo-in Temple to the west. Yoshidayama and Yoshida Shrine are to the north west leading to Kyoto University.

Kurodani Temple gate, Kyoto.
Kurodani Temple Gate, Kyoto, Japan
Kurodani Temple worshipers, Kyoto.
Kurodani Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Kurodani Map

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