Mitaki-dera Temple Hiroshima

Japan Temples: Mitaki-dera

Mitaki-dera 三瀧寺

Mitaki-dera Temple in Hiroshima Prefecture is an historic Shingon-sect temple dating back to the year 809. The name means "Three Waterfalls Temple" as Mitaki does indeed have three falls within its grounds.

Water from the temple is offered at the annual Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

The two storey vermillion pagoda at Mitaki-dera contains a statue of the Amida Buddha. The pagoda was brought to Mitaki-dera from Hiro-Hachiman-jinja in Hirogawa, Wakayama prefecture in 1951 to serve in a memorial service for the victims of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

Mitaki-dera is famous for its spring cherry-blossoms and the road leading to the temple is also lined with cherry trees. In autumn the spectacular red leaves draw many visitors to the temple.

Mitaki-dera, Hiroshima.
The two storey pagoda at Mitaki-dera, Hiroshima Prefecture
Mitaki-dera, Hiroshima.
Buddhist statues and tsukubai stooping basin at Mitaki-dera

Mitaki-yama, 411

Access - getting to Mitaki-dera

Mitaki-dera is a 20 minute walk from Mitaki Station on the JR Kabe Line with trains to and from Hiroshima Station. Alternatively take bus #22 from Hiroshima Station to Mitaki-kannon.

Moss-covered building, Mitaki-dera, Hiroshima.
Moss-covered temple building at Mitaki-dera, Hiroshima

Images by Jake Davies

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