Waratenjin わら天神

Located in northwest Kyoto, Waratenjin (aka Shikiti jinja) is a Shinto shrine, primarily though not exclusively, dedicated to safe child birth and is visited by many pregnant women and their partners to pray for a problem-free delivery and to give thanks after a successful birth.

Waratenjin shrine is believed to originate from the 9th century, though the present buildings all date from the 20th century.

Prayers at Waratenjin are also made for home safety, disaster prevention and wish fulfillment.

Due to Waratenjin's proximity to the Kinugasa campus of Ritsumeikan University, many high school students come to pray for success in their university entrance exams.

Waratenjin holds its spring festival on the first Sunday in April and an autumn festival on 26 October. The spring festival offers prayers for a good growing season and the fall festival is a harvest festival.

Waratenjin Shrine, Kyoto, Japan
The inner precincts of Waratenjin in north west Kyoto on the way to Kinkakuji
Waratenjin is dedicated to safe childbirth.
Ritual sake barrels stored at Waratenjin shrine in north west Kyoto

Entry into Waratenjin's grounds through the large concrete torii on Nishioji is free, as is the nearby small car park. There is a shrine booth that sells o-mamori, the good luck charms all Shinto shrines offer and ema votive plaques for a safe pregnancy. Within Waratenjin's grounds are some ancient, sacred cedar trees.

Waratenjin Access - how to get to Waratenjin Shrine

By Kyoto city bus from Kyoto Station, take the #101, #205 or #50 to Waratenjin. From Sanjo Keihan, take bus #15 and get off at the same stop. From Kita Oji subway station take bus #204 or #205.

Kinugasa, Tenjinmori-cho 1, Kita-ku, Kyoto
Tel: 075 461 7676
Google Map of Waratenjin

Waratenjin is within easy walking or cycling distance of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, Ryoan-ji, Hirano Jinja and Kinkaku-ji Temple. The Domoto Museum, the Ritsumeikan Peace Museum and Toji-in Temple are all within 15 minutes walk or a shorter bicycle ride.

Waratenjin Map

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