Fukui Station

Fukui Station 金沢駅

Fukui Station is the main entry point for visitors to Fukui and is a modern building completed in 2005.

As well as the JR lines at Fukui Station, at the East Exit is the Echizen Railway Fukui Station.

JR Fukui Station, Fukui, Japan.
East Entrance of Fukui Station

Train Services From Fukui Station

Fukui Station is on the JR Hokuriku Line from Maibara Station in Shiga Prefecture to Naoetsu Station in Niigata Prefecture.

From Nagoya Station in Nagoya to Fukui Station take a Hikari shinkansen bullet train to Maibara and change (1 hour, 43 minutes) or a direct Shirasagi Express (2 hours, 10 minutes).

From Kyoto there are Thunderbird Express trains taking about 80 minutes to Fukui.

The Hokuriku Line also connects Fukui Station to Kanazawa Station in Kanazawa and Toyama Station in Toyama.

JR Fukui Station, Fukui, Japan.
Echizen Railway Katsuyama Eiheiji Line Train, Fukui

The Etsumi-Hoku Line connects Fukui with Echizen-Hanando Station in Fukui Prefecture to the terminus at Kuzuryuko Station

The Echizen Railway Katsuyama Eiheiji Line from Fukui to Katsuyama is a charming local line convenient to ride out to see the modern Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum.

The Mikuni Awara Line runs from Fukui Echizen Station via Fukuiguchi Station onto Sakai.

Just outside the West Exit of Fukui Station is Fukui Ekimae Station on the Fukubu tram line which runs from Echizen-Takefu Station in Echizen to Tawaramachi Station and Fukui Ekimae Station.

JR Fukui Station, Fukui, Japan.
West Entrance of Fukui Station
Inside Fukui Station, Fukui, Japan.
Inside Fukui Station

Fukui Station Bus Connections

Fukui Station is a terminal for local and highway buses. Highway buses run from outside Fukui Station to Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Komatsu Airport, Kanazawa Port and other destinations including Eiheiji Temple.

Inside Fukui Station is a very helpful Tourist Information Office with brochures in English and other languages.

JR Fukui Station, Fukui, Japan.
East Entrance of Fukui Station
JR Fukui Station, Fukui, Japan.
Tram outside Fukui Station

Fukui Station Area

Fukui Station includes a shopping arcade with a supermarket, convenience store, restaurants and other shops. Just outside the East Exit is the Aossa mall and a number of car rental outlets including Mazda and JR Eki Rent-a-Car.

Hotels near Fukui Station

Many of Fukui's business hotels are gathered within easy walking distance of Fukui Station. These include the Toyoko Inn Fukui Ekimae, the Route Inn Fukui Ekimae right next door, the Hotel Econo Fukui Ekimae and the Terminal Hotel Fukui. All offer fairly similar facilities and are similarly priced. Fukui's best hotel is the Hotel Fujita Fukui near Chuo Koen (Central Park) and Fukui and Sakaenoyashiro shrines.

JR Fukui Station, Fukui, Japan.
Taxis at East Entrance of Fukui Station

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